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How Not to Waste Time and Money (and Tears), Trying to Figure Out the Tarot

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Maybe you’ve been curious about the Tarot for a while (because, hello – welcome to my newsletter and website!). Or maybe you’ve already been exploring the cards a bit.

But there are sooooo many questions.

And way, way too many intimidating, weird, or just downright awful “experts” on social media, YouTube, websites, and podcasts. There are sketchy certification programs that can run you into the thousands. And that’s not even including all the books on the subject – I counted at least fifty screen pages on Amazon alone!

But — those questions? How do you get them actually answered, by a living, breathing person? Is there any way to get hands-on feedback and practice?

And how do you vet any of those resources? Where to even begin??

Don’t you wish there was somebody who absolutely knows the Tarot AND knows how to teach it?

Your wish is granted!

Personal photograph of multiple Tarot cards from my own collection

My Tarot Without Tears class is now open for registration!

After our fun, easy-to-digest two-part Zoom seminar, you’ll have a clear, strong foundation of Tarot savvy that you can put to work right away, and continue to build on with confidence. (Yep, I’ll even give you a recommended list of my favorite starter books and sites).

At the end of our workshop, you’ll be able to confidently interpret vital information directly from the cards, without being dependent on the books.

Without lots of memorization.

Without a bunch of hocus-pocus.

Without tears! *

You’ll be joining the many hundreds of skilled, dedicated Tarot readers that started their journeys with me, including some who are now, themselves, professional readers.

This is your chance to dive into the magical, powerful world of the Tarot, knowing I’ve got you, every step of the way.

Whether you’ve been at it a while and you want to fill in some gaps, or you are a brand new baby beginner, this is your chance to get the expert, supportive guidance of my fifty years as a professional Tarot reader and instructor.

Sign up now and join us for the introductory foundation (Aug. 13, 2022) plus the full day of practice and actually learning to READ (Sept. 10, 2022).

If you have been wanting to learn how to access your intuition using the beautiful wisdom of the Tarot, enrollment is now open.

Please Note:

  • This class sold out in February (I deliberately keep it small-ish!), so please don’t miss out this time. Seats are already going fast!
  • It is REQUIRED if you want to take my “Reading for Others” class, coming in September (sorry, no exceptions).
  • And I am not planning to offer it again any time soon.

* Okay, so my most recent class has requested that I add a disclaimer regarding the “without tears” part. They want me to tell you that you may, in fact, experience tears of joy.
Promise kept, y’all.

Make things for people you love,
people you want to meet.

~ Austin Kleon

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