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yellow starburst with purple word NEWThe Kind Veggie Burritos Cookbook

As you may know, for 27 years (this March!!), my Kind Veggie Burritos Cookbook’s proceeds have gone to charity – specifically to the Rex Foundation and to SEVA.


But in light of the crisis in Ukraine, I have temporarily suspended those donations. Instead, I will send a flat $5.00 per book to the CARE Organization’s Emergency Relief fund for Ukraine.

For more about my book and how to order, visit:

In brief:

For over two and a half decades, this self-published cookbook has been my labor of love, since all proceeds after expenses have been donated to charity (previously to the Rex Foundation, and the SEVA Foundation, but as explained above, for the time being, to humanitarian aid in the Ukraine crisis).

That’s one way that it is kind.spiral bound cookbook Kind Veggie Burritos with Jerry Garcia artwork

Containing over 120 recipes gathered from Grateful Deadheads across America, my carefully curated collection includes munchies, salads, breads for your head, main dishes, and even home-brews.

And of course, there’s a whole chapter of veggie burritos – meat-free and hence, kind to animals.

Good for body and soul, these kitchen-tested dishes are perfect for touring, camping, or just relaxing at home with family and friends.

Click here to find out more of the story, including how to order.

The thankful receiver
bears a plentiful harvest.

~ William Blake
Wishing you and your beloveds
a blessed Thanksgiving.

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