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This is the year to deepen your magic, connect to the Old Ways of your ancestors, and gather with kindred spirits…
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Wheel of the Year with Sabbat holidays

The Wheel of the Year

Available worldwide, via Zoom

It is increasingly clear that 2024 is going to be a time of challenges and profound change.

Being better connected to the Old Ways of our Ancestors and the wisdom of the Earth is a positive, potent way forward.

Join us and learn the fundamentals of each of the sabbats (quarters and cross-quarters) that are the Pagan holy days. Each of these 2-hour presentations is timed to be held during the accelerating upsurge of the sabbat. We will explore:

  • Basic history and lore of each celebration
  • Various Deities and spiritual beings associated with it
  • Magical practices you can consider and incorporate
  • A meditation journey
  • Ways to attune to the gifts of each sabbat within your daily life and devotions.

All courses are from 1 to 3pm, Eastern U.S. time
$50 each.

Registration is now open.
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Ostara Egg with Spring landscape

Get Ready for Spring Equinox!

The Wheel of the Year continues its steady turning and now the daylight and nighttime hours are in equal balance. The emphasis is on reciprocity and renewal. It’s no wonder that this Quarter sabbat is an ancient time of great joy and rebirth.

The Sun moves into Aries, marking the astrological New Year, and the stirrings of returning life begun at Imbolc now begin to truly manifest as we bid goodbye to the Winter.

Prepare for this most magical threshold time by joining us for a delicious exploration of all the ways you can celebrate the Spring of the year.

vintage print hand pointing towards the right.Thank you for your feedback, following our Imbolc class.

Here’s what you can look forward to:
More fun. More conversation. More Magic!

Ostara: Saturday, March 16

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Beltane: Saturday, April 27

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Litha: Saturday, June 15

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Lughnasadh: Saturday, July 27

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Mabon: Saturday, Sept.14

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Samhain: Saturday, Oct. 26

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Yule: Saturday, Dec. 14

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Tarot Social Gatherings

I am the founder and organizer for Triangle Tarot and Friends, one of the oldest, largest, most successful Tarot social groups in the world. For almost 21 years, we’ve been meeting every month in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area for practice, learning, and friendship.Personal photo of people giving each other Tarot readings at a restaurant table at our NC Tarot Meetup

Until we can find an affordable, safe venue for meeting in person, we are gathering via Zoom every month, which has greatly expanded our membership and the opportunity to welcome people from all backgrounds, not to mention Tarot celebrity guest presenters.

All levels of Tarot enthusiasts are cherished — from beginners to collectors to professionals. Ours is a very fun, eclectic group and newcomers are always celebrated. In addition, Triangle Tarot and Friends is  an online location for the global Tarot community to meet and share our love of the Tarot together.

To learn more, click here.

Speaking Engagements

Over the years, I have given countless presentations to groups both large and small, both public and private, and for all ages, from high school classrooms to retirement homes. My topics have included the Tarot, of course, but I also love inspiring people to expand their understanding of intuitive, spiritual, and magical practices.

I would be delighted to talk to your group, or teach for your facility or program. Just ask!Personal Photo of Beth giving a lecture for the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship audience

Moving gif file of Last Call on blue bannerWhat to know:

I am a master-level Tarot practitioner and instructor as well as a trained intuitive. I have served for over 50 years with the Tarot, including more than two decades as a successful, full-time professional reader. I have also taught dozens of different Tarot topics for many years.

At last count, I’ve had the privilege of teaching over 700 students, some of whom have gone on to become professional readers also.

I am a member of American Tarot Association, the Tarosophy Association, and Tarot Association of the British Isles; founder of one of the world’s oldest, largest, most active Tarot Meetups; I’ve been featured in countless magazine columns, podcasts, interviews, and articles; and I am a former officer of the Cherry Hill Seminary board of directors.

The time you enjoy wasting
is not wasted time.

~ Bertrand Russell

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