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Come on In

Welcome to my digital home!

This is where you can follow my progress as I go for my dream of writing full-time.

And although I no longer offer readings, I continue to teach the Tarot and other esoteric topics, drawing on my experience from serving thousands of clients for over 50 years.

You’ll be the first to know what I’m offering next by visiting here.

So kick back, get comfy, and let me show you around my “nest.”

Magical Fiction

A very magical story came to me in the lock-down Summer of 2020, and after months of preliminary work (almost, but not quite a first draft), I will eventually dive back into it. And believe me, there are several other inklings also waiting their turn. Updates will be posted in my “Magical Fiction” link.

Tarot Compendium

But first, you see, I have a Tarot book that has been pulling on my heart, yanking my shirtsleeve, whispering in my ear (sometimes via requests from friends and clients!), and pretty much calling to me day and night.

It really wants to find its way into your hands, so I’m now fully immersed in making that happen. If you would like to follow my progress, I post occasional updates here.


I offer seasonal and ceremonial observances throughout the magical year on my blog. And once actual publication of my book is in the works, I will be blogging about this new chapter in my life, as well. I would love your companionship as this next chapter unfolds. So if you are not already signed up for my newsletter, please join me!

Weekly Tarot

By joining, I’ll also send you my ongoing Card of the Week briefings every Monday. As my long-time subscribers know, these essays are a thorough overview of the Tarot, one card at a time, and often intermingled with the current events and astrology of the week as well.

Here on my site, my blog can be found in one section, and my current Card of the Week has its own separate location. The Card changes every week, and your comments are therefore refreshed with each new update, whereas the blog posts are saved over time.

Hungry for a Book Right Now?

Currently, the only book that is published yet is my beloved cookbook, Kind Veggie Burritos. By clicking on its link, you’ll go to its own “Deadicated” website, where you can find out more and even order a copy if you wish.


I love to teach, and I am honored to be one of our area’s most trusted and well-known Tarot instructors.

My most popular and fundamental introductory Tarot class is Tarot Without Tears, which I offer when enough folks request it.

For the more advanced practitioner, I have created a number of specialty topic workshops that I call the Tarot Boutique. They include the Tarot, naturally, but also feature other magical and esoteric subjects, too.

These classes, along with other special events that I facilitate (like my annual Advent Sun Wreath Ceremony, which starts the end of November) can be found in my Events link.

Another Handy Tidbit for Finding Your Way Around

Any time you want to go back to the starting point “home” screen, where all the links are condensed together (or just to admire the beautiful watercolor background in its entirety), simply click on my owl logo in the header on each page.

So, what about the Crossroads Part, Beth?

“All magic, all spirit, all life and death, begins and ends at the Crossroads.”
RJ Stewart, The Spirit Cord

For many years, I have been a student of the legendary RJ Stewart and his partner Anastacia Nutt. I am especially in love with the work that collaborates with the Underworld realms and the ancient races that our ancestors knew by many, many names, including the Sidhe, the Cousins, the Shining Ones, and the Tuatha Dé Danann.

I have dedicated myself to promoting healing and friendship between the human world and the primal world.

All of my magic, including the essence of my creative work, draws from the Four Hidden Ways that join together at the Crossroads. It is a place of peace where all orders of life gather in harmony and mutual respect.

The Crossroads is a wellspring for my deepest heart, and it is from there that I share my words and my craft with you.


The point of power
is always in
the present moment.

~ Louise Hay

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