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Waite-Smith public domain Sun Tarot card with sunshine baby riding white horse, red banner sunflowers

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January 24-30, 2022:
The Sun

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter,
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here.
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it’s all right…
George Harrison, The Beatles, Abbey Road

Yet another Major Arcana card this week, and one we haven’t seen since May of 2016. So long ago, before the whole world changed forever.

How auspicious that this is our card for this final week of the Samhain/Winter season, before we celebrate Imbolc next Wednesday. After all, this Guide is one of the most joyful cards in the Tarot. Let us bask in this longed-for return of The Sun.

Here Comes The Sun

In the R-W-S deck, we see a smiling baby carrying a crimson banner and riding a white horse. A huge sun shines down from a blue sky. Behind the child is a wall bedecked with four sunflowers, which some suggest represent the four suits of the Tarot.

The red banner is certainly one of victory, and the human-faced Sun is depicted with twenty two rays (one is hidden behind the Roman numeral of the card). These have been interpreted as the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana, which so vividly correspond to the twenty two paths of the Qabalah Tree of Life.

The rays of the Sun alternate between straight and wavy rays. This is an ancient way of representing the “philosopher’s Sun,” and illustrates the Sun as the source of light (straight rays) and heat (wavy rays) – illumination and warmth, the life-giving energies. It may also represent the combination of male and female energies.

For indeed, the child is androgynous, as the Child of Light in many esoteric traditions often is.

Comparison of Waite-Smith Fool and Death card feathersYou will notice, too, that the baby is wearing a wreath of flowers with a single red feather crowning it,  which connects it to the Sun in the sky. It is no coincidence that it is identical to the jaunty red feather that The Fool wears. Less obviously, Death also wears a similar red feather, but it is tattered, wilted, and pointing downward.

In many cultures, white horses are benevolent, protective spirit guides, or even the beloved and powerful Epona, horse Goddess of Gaul and Rome. The absence of reins or saddle resonates with many ancient carvings of Epona and indicates a complete integration of will and surrender.

The happy child also suggests that after all is said and done, the mystical journey of the soul requires a return to childlike innocence. Like the open and upward-facing posture of The Fool, the little child rides with arms open wide in trust.

And isn’t this precisely at the heart of the great dance of our lives? Knowing when to push, and when to surrender? Here, the baby embodies both — in perfect love, in perfect trust.

Returning from the Underworld Journey

After our own journeys into the Underworld, begun at Samhain, and then reaching the darkest depths at Winter Solstice, next week we arrive at the great cross-quarter Sabbat of Imbolc. At this time, the Sun’s growing strength is now clearly seen and celebrated with ancient rites of welcoming and dedication.

In addition, in the sequence of the Major Arcana cards, The Sun follows The Moon card.

Although modern interpretations offer much more nuance, The Moon is typically considered a problematic and difficult part of the Fool’s journey because it is the final test of the “nighttime cards.” The shadow side of The Moon calls us to face our deepest illusions and fears.

So when we reach The Sun card in the Tarot story of the Royal Road, we have emerged from that darkness and our work with the shadow-self. We are ready to make the transition to liberation.

The Sun declares that the soul’s journey is now triumphant. Life has become clear, simple, and straightforward. It often accompanies news of a wedding, the birth of a beloved child, success, or a happy chapter of life now beginning.


Sun and Stars

Our faithful pathfinder, Elisabeth Grace, notes that today (Monday), Mars moved from the fiery volatility of Sagittarius to a sign of steady progress, and in which he is more comfortable– Capricorn. She suggests that:

Anyone with a planet around 0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn may be prompted to assert themselves, including Prince William, Elizabeth Warren, William Shatner and Meryl Streep (who is trending on Twitter as I type for no particular reason except astrology. Right?)

Not sure whether you have a planet in 0º of these cardinal signs? You owe it to yourself to make an appointment with Elisabeth and discover that, plus so much more!

Meantime, while in Capricorn, “Mars will be doing a curious little dance with Venus, and the two will unite at 16 Capricorn on February 16th.” I can’t wait to find out more as we approach that event!

There are two other big astro-developments this week.

One of the big ones is that on Sunday at 2:31 PM ET there will be an exact square between the Sun (the solar system one) and Uranus. Elisabeth notes that we should, “Watch for upsets and innovations involving leaders, technology, astrology, aviation and seismic activity.”

The other is that, teaming up with our Sun card rather nicely, the ever-wise Lorna Bevan sheds light on what to expect as Venus stations direct this weekend (bold emphasis is hers):

After 40 days and nights in the wilderness, Venus is stationing this week to turn Direct on January 29th having been Retrograde since December 19th 2021. This has been a once in 8 years retrograde in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn with Venus conjuncting Pluto 3 times – on December 11 + 25th 2021 and finally on March 3 2022.

During her descent into Pluto’s underworld, the Goddess morphed from Evening Star to Morning Star and will take until March 3 to re-trace her path back to 26 Capricorn for one last merger with the Great Transformer.

Take some time to reflect on how your tastes, preferences and values have changed and crystallised during this period. Notice who and what you have now completely moved on from – relationships, sources of information, social media blogs, old ways of marketing and business-as they are no longer on your wavelength.

As Venus moves back over the degrees between 11-26 Capricorn between January 29th and March 3rd, be alert for new passions, interests, people, ideas and ways to earn your living to take their place. Let it happen without striving or pushing.

This is the beginning of an evolution of your High Heart, which will open to a whole new frequency in April 11 and beyond when Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces for the first time since 1856.

Under The Sun’s optimistic influence, as we ourselves emerge from the deepest dark of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere), it appears we must at last claim our truest callings. Like this nineteenth triumph card, in complete transparency and revelation, this week we are called upon to be ourselves — in all our glory and sacred imperfections.

Shine With All Your Brilliance

What is happening in your life that needs the wholesome, healing light of truth shining brightly? What fears could be dispelled if only they would see the light of day? What new vigor and growth could you tap into, if you were to simplify things? Why not invite more laughter and innocence into your daily routine?

I know it may seem a little too good to be true. At this moment, there’s so much fear, darkness, and downright evil plaguing us like poisonous mosquitoes. But like parasites that need shadows to thrive, The Sun defeats what is hiding in the dark corners.

Indeed, I have heard many of my most attuned, intuitive colleagues and friends comment that they have, in just the past few days, felt a deep shift. I feel it too. Is it just the annual Reawakening of our Grandmother Gaia as She stirs to life this time of year?

Frankly, I think it’s more. And, following last week’s Empress card, this feels like an incandescent moment through the lens of the Tarot.

Therefore, this week, let us each sparkle with our brilliance, as we align with the shining Sun which is always within us, as well as all around us in Nature. Let us glow with our true beauty, our most stunning inner light, even if — especially if — we have found ourselves in bleak places.

We have endured a long darkness. But Nature always, ALWAYS offers a power that never vanishes, never deserts us, even at night. It is infinite and forever available.

Good wins the day, when we go forth in perfect love, in perfect trust. Hoist up your banner, my love. Here comes the Sun.

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Emily January 24, 2022, 7:43 pm

What refreshing news! And how wonderfully affirming. Thank you.

Elsa January 25, 2022, 1:30 am

I pull a card each morning as part of my morning devotions. This morning I pulled The Sun, albeit from a different deck.

I also have to say that I am definitely feeling the difference in the energies.

nofixedstars January 25, 2022, 9:15 am

how very, VERY welcome a visitor! it does feel like we’ve had a long, dark, night…years of it, in fact. i would love to think gaia energies are gathering power and that when spring comes it will renew bodies and souls and remind us all of our deep connexion with all life.

Beth January 25, 2022, 6:47 pm

Thanks to each of you! I especially like the confirmation from you, Elsa! Thank you for sharing that. May our Light shine without fear, shame, or doubt. This is what we came here to do and be, isn’t it?

Athena Noctua Bubo January 26, 2022, 1:31 am

Like Elsa, I draw a card everyday to familiarize myself with my new deck, Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland. On Monday, the 24th, I pulled The Sun too. Talk about synchronicity.

Beth January 26, 2022, 9:09 am

Oh my gosh — don’t you just love her deck??? It is a gem! And wow, amazing parallel energies going! Love it! thanks, dear one.

Pamela Chevalier January 26, 2022, 8:21 am

Shining brightly as possible down the road here in Carrboro

Beth January 26, 2022, 9:09 am

Always, my love. I know you do. Blessings for that. 💚

Listen carefully. The answers to
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