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July 14, 2022:

Blue writing quill that turns into flying birdsAll of the cards are now in rough draft. I am adding some additional material to introduce the way I have approached this project .. I don’t believe anyone has written anything quite like it. 🙂

And I think that you are going to love it. Well, anyway, I sure hope so!

In addition to fleshing out some of the adjunct chapters (like  suggestions for a Tarot journal, an introduction to spreads, etc.), I am weighing my choices as to how to go about publishing.

I am leaning towards self-publishing, because I am a little bit of a control freak about my baby, and I want to retain creative rights. Especially to the name, which I have worked very hard on, and polished, and am pretty happy with.

Because, as you might expect, every step of my process has been guided. Well, duh, right? And I’d rather not have somebody else’s executive decisions overriding my heart’s purpose.

Even if they tell me it would sell more books.

Because when it really comes down to it, nowadays, publishers publish, but they don’t do much about marketing. I would be doing that anyway, right? So…

I am very open to additional thoughts, though, so if you have inside experience you’d care to share, please comment. I am all ears.

The other stage now quickly approaching (but not quite ready) is content editing. That means getting savvy people who can read through what I’ve got and tell me where it works, or where it doesn’t. This is different from line editing, which is where someone goes through and looks for grammatical problems, typos, misspellings, etc. That comes later.

So stay tuned. Solid progress is being made. Most of the brain dump is now pinned (and penned?) down. I hope to have a shining new book in your hands before the next total solar eclipse in the USA.

Okay, yes, probably sooner!

And huge thanks to everyone who is cheering me on!

The Backstory

Once upon a time …

When I started my blog in 2003, I wanted to initiate conversations on a wide-ranging platform of magical topics. But I also knew that I would focus on my true love, the Tarot.

So I began pulling one card every Monday morning, and then writing about it, for whoever happened across my site. No other layout cards, just a card a week.

Thus, my Card of the Week began. I’ve now written over 1,000 of these weekly analyses.

Over the years, my clients, site visitors, colleagues, and friends finally prevailed upon me to consolidate all my posts into an organized reference book.

I will continue to post one card a week, but no longer keep an ongoing archive, since that’s what the book will be. Makes sense, right?

And after that? Yes, I have already drawn up the outline for another Tarot book that I long to share with you.

Stay tuned for lots of news and updates along the way!

Mockup graphic of a purple book under construction with stars in the background

Make things for people you love,
people you want to meet.

~ Austin Kleon

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