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Misplaced, Misunderstood, or Muted?

Meditative woman with aura and psychic awareness


woman with Panama hat on a float on a mountain river…that you are on vacation in the mountains, like maybe our own Great Smokies of North Carolina. It’s a scorching hot summer day and you are out on a quiet river, floating along with your friends.

Your journey starts out in a leisurely, easy fashion, but abruptly, you start picking up speed. The water is suddenly very deep and starts getting choppy.A river flows through the rocks in the forest in the mountains

Now you are going really fast and tipping from side to side. There are sharp boulders everywhere! Your little craft is bouncing, then crashing though whitewater. You can even hear the roar of falls up ahead.

Now imagine discovering that someone forgot or intentionally withheld your paddle!

True Confession Time

Can I tell you a little secret? I’ve been there. I can describe this feeling to a “T” because I have lived through it myself.Woman behind glass in rain pressing hand on glass

All my life, I’ve been a sensitive and a mystic. But for a long time, I was not trained, did not understand the nature of my gifts, and I am embarrassed to tell you how hard I tried to gloss over that part of myself. And I sure didn’t know how to navigate life’s whitewater torrents.

Like so many, I looked fine on the outside. But in my heart, I struggled. I constantly felt everyone’s pain and I spent years in confusion, loneliness, and even shame. And more than once, I very nearly capsized.

Can you relate?

Reclaiming Your Power

Here’s the thing. You have a powerful gift that you might not be using to its fullest, most profound capacity. After all, our culture has spent immeasurable amounts of time and energy repressing it, denying it, demeaning it, and twisting it. The mainstream has even tried to pressure you to be afraid of it.

So it’s no wonder if you were never encouraged to explore or develop your gift.

Yet it is a part of you, as unique and intimate as the color of your eyes or the timbre of your voice. And it turns out it is one of THE most important abilities that could help you navigate the non-stop tumult of this pivotal time.

Maybe even help others.

That gift is your intuition.

From Singing in the Shower to Sky’s the Limit

The sixth sense is not some special woo-woo thing that only a few people possess, or that kicks in only when there is some terrible personal tragedy. (I’ll tell you why people think that, and what you can do about it).

Little girls laugh and practice playing music. It’s like the fact that virtually every human being is at least a little bit musical. Yes, some musical people are writing symphonies at age four, while other music lovers do best when they stick to singing in the shower.


When no one is home. 🙂

But it is extremely rare for an otherwise healthy person not to enjoy making music. As a result, nearly everyone likes to make musical sounds on an instrument, or sing, or tap their feet to the beat. And with a little instruction, they can improve. Even get incredibly good!

Similarly, you were born with the gift of intuition. You have a sixth sense. It is an intrinsic part of being human.

And you can learn to love it, polish it, and help it take better care of you.

Saturday, August 27, 2022
12:30 – 5:30pm (Eastern Time)
The Tarot Boutique Presents: Understand and Develop Your Intuition

Are you ready to claim your intuitive power? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually hone it, discovering and developing the talent you already have? (Yes, you do!).

Haven’t you longed to learn how it functions, how it can help you, guide you, and protect you? What if you were to discover that, not only can it save you from going under in these most tense and challenging times, it makes life much more meaningful. And … it’s FUN!

I’ll be covering all that and more in this new, updated Zoom version of my workshop that has been opening hearts and minds for many years.

In our time together, we’ll discuss your current experiences, as well as learn to understand, access, and expand those beautiful gifts of yours. Then you will learn some ways to fine-tune your abilities, protect your boundaries, and cultivate your skills for the future.

☛  Tarot practitioners are warmly welcome, of course, and if you are qualified to take my upcoming Reading for Others workshop, this would be a very savvy add-on.

But this is not about the Tarot cards. It’s about you in all your natural glory!

Discover hidden potentials you may not even know you had, and polish the abilities that it turns out have been yours all along.
Join us for this very special Boutique* offering.



* The “Boutique” means we’re keeping it limited in size for a more companionable, intimate experience.

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