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Meet Beth

Beth sitting in the woods of New Hampshire holding a beaver stickAcknowledgements of the Sacred Land and Elders

Before I tell you all about me, it is important that I acknowledge the land where I live.

My husband and I live on the land of the Eno, Tutelo, Saponi, Occaneechi, and Shakori Native people.

This land was traditionally part of the territory of the Saponi people, in the Piedmont of what is now the state of North Carolina.

Laurel Hill Cottage is located along the “Great Trading Path,” that was used by the native people of this area for countless centuries before the Europeans arrived, and then shared with the non-native peoples during the early years of contact.

The Saponi people, whose descendants include the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation Indian Tribe, still live and thrive in this region, and are officially recognized by the state government of North Carolina.

Thus I pay respect to their elders past, present, and future, and I give my thanks to this ancient ancestral Land.

Beth’s Story

After several decades as an IT programmer, manager, technical writer, and instructor, Beth’s rebellious streak and creative itch propelled her out of corporate and into the world of freelance writing.

Amiably unorthodox, she is widely known by her given magical name, “Beth Owl’s Daughter,” but has also written extensively under her muggles birth name, “Beth Livingston.”

a collection of eleven inner change magazines fanned outHer essays and features have been published in what was once North Carolina’s premier New Age publication, Innerchange Magazine, and for several years she had a monthly column in The MetaArts Magazine, sadly, also now discontinued.

Beth was also regularly featured for a number of years in Raleigh-Durham’s award-winning Indy Week (which is, thank heavens, still going strong!).

She authored dozens of reviews, columns, and articles, including single-handedly writing all of the (at that time) twice-a-year Dish listings, that catalogued and described hundreds of Triangle area eateries.

Cover of Kind Veggie Burritos with Jerry GarciaSpeaking of cuisine, Beth is the author of the self-published Kind Veggie Burritos, the original cookbook of recipes gathered from Grateful Dead concert goers.

Best-selling author and winner of the 2015 Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction, Steve Silberman, raves, “A wonderful book…aglow with Deadhead spirit, warmth, and unpretentious good eats.”

For 29 years and counting, her cookbook for charity has continued to fly from her cottage in the woods of northern Durham County, NC into the VW busses and kitchens of a diverse and enthusiastic audience, including celebrities like Andy Cohen and even Bob Weir himself (lifelong rhythm guitarist for the Dead).

In 1972, Beth began offering expert Tarot consultations and classes for the public. She’s been an award-winning blogger since 2003. Beth has written thousands of essays covering a myriad of topics, including seasonal ceremonies, Witchcraft and Earth-centered spirituality, and the Tarot, gathering thousands of subscribers and accolades from reviewers.

In addition to her lifelong passion for sharing the wonders of the Tarot, she is also nearly finished with a very rough draft of her first novel.

The point of power
is always in
the present moment.

~ Louise Hay

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