Wordsmithing Magic from the Crossroads

Spiral notebook I decoupaged butterfly images


I have been writing, journaling, and generally in love with the written word ever since I was very little.North Carolina Writers Network membership badge, for members only

For decades, I nurtured this passion by writing countless articles, reviews, essays, freelance copy, blog posts, and other ephemera (not to mention vast volumes of IT instruction and technical manuals. Whee!)

But it’s time to produce the books that have been tugging on my heart.

Currently, I have one that is self-published and available for purchase, and three others in various stages of development.

The Kind Veggie Burritos CookbookNorth Carolina Writers Network membership badge, for members only

Containing over 120 recipes gathered from Grateful Deadheads across America, my collection of dishes includes munchies, salads, breads for your head, main entrees, and even home-brews. With all proceeds going to charity, click here to find out more, including how you can order one of your very own.

Works in Progress:

Tarot Books

After over 1,000 weekly Tarot blog posts, my clients, website visitors, and friends convinced me to consolidate my Card of the Week essays into an organized reference book.

I have now completed the manuscript and am in the process of finding a publisher.

Not only is it a compilation of my Cards of the Week, but I’ve added a twist or two I think you’re going to like. Stay tuned for further news!


Magical Fiction

Beth walking on grass through abandoned homes and buildings at NC mill villageI always wanted to be a novelist, and yet life diverted me first one way and then another.

Until the “Lockdown Summer” of 2020.

That’s when I realized that, slipping into my late 60s and surrounded by a global pandemic, it’s now or never.

I chose “now,” and, as if I’d been heard, a magical story came to me out of the blue. I got straight to work and have most of the first draft, which I will return to as soon as I finish my Tarot book.

And lined up right behind these are several other novels that are waiting their turn. Updates will be posted in the “Magical Fiction” link.

The point of power
is always in
the present moment.

~ Louise Hay

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