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Words (Not Wordless) for Wednesday. Words of Power to be Exact: Last Call

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There are no right answers to wrong questions.
Ursula K. Le Guin

Candlelight flickered in the dimly lit room and sandalwood lightly perfumed the air.

She waited, shuffling her deck. The door opened, and her client entered and sat across the table that she’d adorned with her favorite amethyst, tiger’s eye, and rose quartz.

Continuing to shuffle as they exchanged brief introductions and pleasantries, she got down to the matter at hand.

“What prompts you to get a reading today?”

“Well, four years ago, I got my current job, and was told that I could expect upward opportunities, right?

“But then meantime, because of COVID and stuff, they’ve had to reduce staff. So now, I’m doing my work, but also Jahmelia’s because they let her go. Plus I’m filling in here and there for others who are either part-time now, or gone.”

She paused a long moment.

“Now, because of all the extra work…” her voice cracked as she pulled a Kleenex from the box discreetly kept nearby. She dabbed her eyes, “…I forgot to set up a meeting for my boss and our biggest vendor. He was furious, and… and…”

Tears rolled down her face and she pulled several more tissues.

“That’s okay, honey. I’m listening.”

“Well, now I’m on probation! And not only will I probably never get promoted now, I could lose this stupid job!”

What does she want to ask?

It had been a horrible night. Her husband had called right before she was putting dinner on the table, to say he was going to have to pull another all-nighter because of the big deadline next week.

This kind of thing hardly ever happened anymore, except lately. But she knew there was a lot riding on this project.

But then on top of that, their youngest was up all night with a stomach bug. So of course, she’d been up, too. And while she waited for her little boy to settle after each bout of misery, she’d killed the time by catching up on some bills and paperwork.

And that’s when she’d found that their account was horribly overdrawn, and she could not get it to balance.

There had been some rock bottom times after their first child was born, but that was supposedly all in the past.

After she got the other kids off to school and the little one was napping again, she would pull out her cards.

But what should she ask?

To get to the heart of finding answers that empower, you need to understand how to ask. Specifically, how to ask the Tarot.

You can learn that with years of trial and error, yes, probably.

And hopefully while you practice, there won’t be anything really emotional or high stakes. Including people seeking you out for trustworthy insight.

Or you can spend an afternoon learning from my fifty years of experience and studies.

How would you like to get clear, workable answers for all kinds of situations? I’ll give you tips and skills that will bypass fuzzy ambiguity and put your readings on solid ground. Ethically. Gracefully.

It all starts with knowing how to approach the Tarot with precise, clear questions.

I don’t know when (or if) I will offer this again, and it’s a perfect introduction to my Tarot Spreads class coming up June 11.

But enrollment ends this Sunday. There are still some seats left. I hope you’ll join us: Saturday, May 14, from 12:30-5:30pm Eastern time.

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To love beauty
is to see light.

~ Victor Hugo

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