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A Love Letter

From Rachel Pollacks website the Shining Tribe Tarot World card

Today, I am offering something a little different.

I am writing a long overdue love letter to someone I have thought about nearly every day of my life for many, many decades.

Whose wisdom I have turned to so many times, I have worn out the references and had to buy new copies. Rachel Pollack and Beth at a table for a Tarot reading

Who gave me my first ever “celebrity” reading many years ago at the Tarot Readers Studio, and I was so smitten, gobsmacked, and in star-struck awe, I could barely breathe.

Who has made me laugh. Think. Learn. And blown open my mind so many times, it seems almost natural.

She is one of the most brilliant human beings I have ever met (and I have met a few), and certainly one of the most prolific and creative.

Jewelsmith. Artist. Award-winning novelist. Poet. Teacher. Non-fiction author. Science fiction author. Essayist. Graphic novelist. Comic creator. Tarot legend. Deck creator several times over. Fierce champion on behalf of trans- and non-binary sexuality. Expert on countless topics ranging from premium quality pens to Jewish Kabbalah.

And cherished by everyone who has ever been fortunate enough to meet her.

Of course, you probably have figured out that this love letter is for Rachel Pollack, whose birthday today is. Portrait of Rachel Pollack from her website

I cannot imagine even the most casual Tarot dabbler not feeling the weight and beauty of Rachel’s influence. She has woven her heart and soul throughout Tarot as we know it today.

And for those of us lucky enough to have worked with her, known her kindness and generosity, we are enriched beyond measure.

Rachel is currently navigating serious illness, and has asked for the energetic support of her many communities, in all the myriad ways that we may offer it.

So I end with a call for everyone reading this to close your eyes, and send her massive ongoing blessings, in the name of the highest good.

I can never thank you enough, Rachel. But this is my small attempt to try.

Happy Birthday!
Blessed Solar Return!

With love and gratitude, always,

– Beth

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nofixedstars August 17, 2022, 8:34 am

sending love and healing reiki to her. truly a huge presence in the tarot world.

Beth August 17, 2022, 10:03 am

Thank you, Anne. 💚🙏🏻✨

Beth August 20, 2022, 5:38 pm

UPDATE Saturday, Aug. 20: Rachel was admitted to the ICU at Northern Duchess Hospital in Rhinebeck, NY today. There is an urgent request for our prayers and supportive energy on her behalf. Thank you.

Mary Collin August 21, 2022, 7:06 pm

Beautiful words for a truly remarkable soul. Rachel is one of our brightest shining lights. She’s guided so many of us for so many years. May we reflect some of that light back to her xx

Beth August 25, 2022, 12:07 pm

Thank you, Mary. I am so happy to see your comments, and couldn’t agree more. I know you are among the many, many souls sending healing energy on her behalf. Bless you.

It’s all about paying attention.
Attention is vitality.
It connects you with others.

~ Susan Sontag

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