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Calling All Seers and Cartomancers: A Dream Come True

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The surface world is reflected out of the Underworld, not vice versa.
RJ Stewart, The Dreampower Tarot

For the first time, starting in September, legendary author, musician, and magical practitioner, RJ Stewart, will offer a class on his new, renowned Dreampower Tarot.

(Full disclosure: Robert is my beloved teacher and friend. I am posting this in part because I love his work, but also because I honestly feel that anyone who is interested in experiencing real magic, especially via the mysterious act of consulting the cards, will want to know about this).

Another first: access will be available to all, around the globe, thanks to the power of online streaming (a technology I can guarantee he would never have entertained just a couple of years ago).

If you are not familiar with the Dreampower Tarot, you are in for something quite extraordinary. While it can be used as a Tarot deck (it is comprised of 22 trump cards, 40 number/elemental cards, and 16 court cards), the cards have been vividly revised by Robert, so that its application extends well beyond the typical use of the Tarot.

That’s because the Dreampower Tarot is not simply another new or alternative interpretation. In fact, it is quite innovative and rather non-traditional. Each card was birthed from powerful workings, journeys, and guidance from the inner realms, using patterns and techniques more resonant with divinatory pathworking than the customary Tarot meanings many of us have studied.

Each card therefore reflects RJ’s lifetime of practice, with over fifty years of rigorous training and methodology, working in the Western Esoteric tradition. Thus the cards embody the sacromagical arts and techniques he has honed and taught for many years.

Although the first edition (published by Harper Collins) was skillfully drawn by artist Stuart Littlejohn, the new version is accompanied by the re-imagined artwork of Cade Burkhammer (creator of  the highly acclaimed Wise Fool Tarot).

Personally, I find the new art more evocative and accessible. And in this newly published edition, the numbers/elemental cards have been completely revised, based on many years of feedback from his students and other adepts.

PLEASE NOTE: Beware of what you might find on Amazon, eBay, and other sites! Unscrupulous dealers are offering the OLD Dreampower Tarot at extremely high prices. Such offers are often misleading and the buyer may receive only a very pricey used copy of the older edition handbook, without the full set of cards. You can purchase the new, revised deck and book with confidence by going here.

As Robert, himself, discovered during his own remarkable creative process, “When you work with the Dreampower Tarot, the beings within it will come alive and communicate with you in dreams, visions, intuitions, and exchanges of energy.”

Indeed, in my experience, the Dreampower Tarot behaves like a living portal to the Otherworld realms of dreams, transformation, and regeneration. It is a brilliant device to aid in meditation, divination, and magical awareness — all skills that are so vitally important for us at this precise moment.

This will surely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone who would relish a deeper dive into the visionary magical arts. Join us as we gather from Sept-Dec, for five 2-hour sessions. And for those of us who feel we are suffering from online burnout, let me just say that RJ has become expert at making e-learning more gentle, yet engaging, than most anyone I’ve found.

Besides — I can’t think of anything more rare, important, and beautiful than opening the doorways to your own Dreams, especially if accompanied by the original dreamer himself.

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Dreampower Tarot Online Course
with RJ Stewart

(All Times are USA Eastern Time)

September 18 (12 – 2pm & 3 – 4pm)
October 16 (12pm – 2pm)
November 20 (12pm – 2pm)
December 18 (12pm – 2pm)

Additional info:

The Dreampower deck arises from the UnderWorld, illuminated by Earthlight. Explore this remarkable divinatory oracle and visionary set of images.

The Online Course:

1. We begin with overarching concepts unique to Dreampower Tarot, including insights from both RJ, the creator, and Cade, the artist of the new deck.

2. We progress to exploring the 22 major Triumphs, through visionary meditations reaching down into the Stone, Pearl, and Whirlpool Realms. Charts of key words/meanings for the entire deck are included in the course material.

3. From the Major Triumphs we proceed to images of Elemental Spirits forming the people cards of the deck.

4. From here we explore the Elemental/ Number Cards and their many uses in meditation, divination, and ceremony.

5. At each stage we will include sample readings and insights into how to use the Dreampower deck.

Sign Up Today

Cost: $325.00 if paid in full up front. You may also pay in 50/50 increments, before September 18 and November 20, at $180 each.

Please pay via PayPal at rjspeak (at symbol) rjstewart (dot) org
Or checks may be mailed (in advance) to
RJ Stewart
PO Box 239
Berkeley Springs, WV  25411

Registration & Payment Deadline is Wednesday, September 15th.

For more information or to register: Email Anastacia Nutt (RJ’s partner).

No refunds given for any Course(s) pre-payment; forward credit only.

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nofixedstars August 28, 2021, 7:15 am

how have i not encountered the dreampower deck before? very intrigued…thank you for sharing this.

Beth August 29, 2021, 10:32 am

Well, I am delighted to have helped you discover it! It is not simple, nor traditional, but a complex oracular tool. I hope you’ll check it out, and even take the class. 💖

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