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August 1-7, 2022:
Knight of Wands

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily.
To not dare is to lose oneself.
Søren Kierkegaard

As we celebrate the ancient festival of Lughnasadh today, marking Summer’s transition to the harvest season, it’s time to saddle up and get busy! This week we are joined by none other than our fiery friend, the Knight of Wands.

The Wands suit is ruled by the element of Fire, so it shows us what is happening in the realm of creativity, will, and energy. The court cards are the “people” cards, usually representing actual persons, including you, or someone you may know (more rarely, they may simply represent energy). So yes, all the Wands court cards could potentially have something to say regarding the energy of energy.

Most telling, the Knights of the Tarot are the action heroes of the face cards. So the Knight of Wands embodies action AND energy. Wow! This person is known for their boundless courage and enthusiasm, with daring and energy to spare. They are fearless and the most intensely passionate of the court cards.

The plumes from the Knight’s helmet and shirt look like flames, and on the tunic you see the symbol of the salamander, a mystical creature of Fire. Unlike the symbols on the King of Wands’ robe, however, these are open, without the tail connected to the mouth, representing incomplete plans, loose ends.

 Joan of Arc depicted on horseback in an illustration from a 1504 manuscriptAnd by the way, it is almost certain that this Knight was meant to represent a female. Pamela Colman Smith enjoyed reversing stereotyped gender roles in her storytelling as well as in her art, and the Knight of Wands’ delicate features, fuller lips, and the red curls peeking out from the helmet were well understood cues that Pixie intended for the rider to be a woman.

She was also known to have been very interested in the heroism of Joan of Arc, and it is easy to imagine the Knight of Wands as a  representation of the Maid of Orleans.

This is someone who is at home when they are the fly. Perhaps they are at the beginning of a quest, in contrast to the King who has arrived at a time of mastery and accomplishment. The Knight’s horse rears up, eager to explode into action, dashing off to the battle.

The Knight of Wands is spontaneous, hot-headed, charismatic, quick to laugh or anger, and is a creative blaze of activity. He or she is often charming, and pulsing with sexual energy. Monogamy is not always their strength, but they are extremely loyal to their, understandably, huge circle of admirers and friends.

While they can be impulsive and unpredictable, they absolutely take their honor and integrity to heart. This is someone who aspires to be a true heroic figure.

Blasting Off This Week

As always, it seems, the Tarot lines right up with what is happening in tropical astrology. This week, Lorna Bevan tells us (bold emphasis is hers):

Keep your eye on Mars in conjunction with Uranus and the karmic Node of Fate at 18 degrees Taurus on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd August 2022, as they move like lightning, then wildfire. Venus is at 18° Cancer, the sign ruling property, on Tuesday 2nd August and the North Node at 18° Taurus and South Node at 18° Scorpio on the same days, make the start of August absolutely explosive.

This triple conjunction – which last happened in 342 BC – will be squared by Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius until early 2023. This is a volatile combination. No one will be exempt from the fallout, as we experience the reality check of collective hubris – the end of unlimited resources.

Uranus is unexpected shocks; Mars is explosive force; the North Node is a destabilising need for expansion; and Taurus, the fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus, is reality. Expect your physical space — whether money, body or home — to experience unexpected shifts.

Events will occur suddenly and may involve multiple and unexpected ON/OFF states — power goes off/on/off/on, money flow is suddenly stopped but then resumes, currency value abruptly drops then sharply rises, flights are halted then resume.

Sounds like something the Knight of Wands would be able to navigate with skill and daredevil ease. Plus I’d wager there is not a hubris bone in this Knight’s body. Loyal and true to a fault, this is who you want as a champion, especially in explosive times.

In addition, I have been keeping my eye on some upcoming influences (thank you, Elisabeth Grace!), and it bears mentioning that a big “retrograde season” is shaping up. Although Mercury gets a lot of notice when it goes into apparent reverse (this doesn’t literally occur in its orbit, as you know), it is helpful to be aware that the big players in the outer planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto — are all currently retrograde. And Uranus is grinding to a standstill as it stations retro on the 25th.

So if you have important goals, I’d suggest that you hitch a ride with the Knight of Wands and make some progress while you can. And by the way? Mercury does, in fact, turn retrograde on Sept. 10. Good to know, right?

Speed, Focus, and Daring Are Your Allies

When the Knight of Wands appears, boredom flies out the window. This could be an ideal time to begin a quest, set out on a new adventure, or perhaps dive into a creative project.

If you ever needed a bold, joyful, sexy ally, you have one now. Is this someone you know? Or could it be you?

However, this is probably not the best time for multi-tasking. Under this influence, you might be prone to burnout and distraction.

The Knight is much happier and effective when focused, all that intensity like a laser beam of light and passion. When this is the case, there is no limit to the achievements possible.

And please watch your temper. The Knight of Wands is short on filters and diplomacy. You have more power than you may realize and it may be all too easy to over-react or create unhelpful drama.

Passion and Adventure Are Calling

Instead, if challenges come your way, be of good cheer. You can melt even the coldest and most stubborn hearts with your humor, creativity, and optimism. Face any obstacles head on, remembering always to be chivalrous and honorable. You can afford to be generous with others, for your energy and good will are nearly irresistible.

In what ways is it now time for you to burst forth in a new, passionate endeavor? What challenges are you longing to tackle head-first? In what ways are you being asked to shake things up, or step up as an agent of change? What amazing achievements might now be possible?

Speed, focus, and a little razzle-dazzle – these are your allies. Be prepared to act upon your desires in dramatic, magnificent ways, especially when they are on behalf of those people, ideals, and causes that inspire your burning brilliance.

Tap into the fiery places that are your energy source and that fill you with ardor. Streak ahead to your goal. And may you always be the sizzling hero of what is Good and Great within you.

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