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The Forgotten Support That You NEED, But May Have Misunderstood Since You Were Little

The Spirit of the Pool George William Russell ('A. E.') (1867–1935) Armagh County Museum

Back in January this year, I offered a workshop on a topic that is very dear to my heart, and which I am convinced is invaluable if we are to survive thrive in these tumultuous times.

For many of you reading this, you already know this is a key ingredient that makes your life rich and extraordinary in countless ways. It’s the understanding that you have a “team” of guardians, guides, and allies who protect you and steer you to your highest potential.

Then, two weeks ago, my next Boutique class focused on one specialty group of these beings — the ones that inspire and cheer you on in your life’s engagement with Creativity. In particular, we explored how the Tarot can be a reliable and powerful means to communicate with your Muse and your creative daemons/genius/devas.

In two weeks, on March 18, I will share what I have come to understand is one of the most important components of living a fully realized existence.

This alliance is one that you may have glimpsed in early childhood. Maybe you’ve even had occasional encounters in later years. Yet it has been systematically thwarted and ridiculed in our culture for several hundred years, to the great detriment of us all.

Yes. I am talking about Faeries. The Folk. The Sidhe. The Tuatha de Danann. Lots of names, lots of traditions.

Okay, I know. You may be backing away with, “Okay, that’s nice, but I am kind of busy with REAL life, Beth.” If you are leery, I get it.  I sure was, to put it nicely (keep reading). Yet there is an urgency and seriousness behind why I am so anxious to direct your attention to this partnership now.

The Spectacular Crash of the Dubious Owl

Before the Spring of 2003, I was a skeptic. Oh, sure, I had been practicing woo-woo and magical stuff for decades and decades. But Faeries? Ummm…

Well, let’s just say I had some lovely friends that were “into that sort of thing,” but gossamer-winged pixies in the garden were just a little too twee for my taste. (Spoiler: I wasn’t wrong about that!).

But then, one of my favorite Reclaiming teachers was planning a Faery weekend retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains and most of my local group was going to attend. FOMO got me there, but I never actually believed the Faery part would amount to anything substantial.

Still, there was so much to love.. our friend’s magical home in the rolling arms of the mountains, the brilliant gathering of Witches and magical folk from all over the East Coast, the gorgeous labyrinth, the drumming and songs, the sumptuous food (catered by the Twin Oaks community farm), the kindness of the land and the skill of the leaders…

But.. Faeries? Really?

Until the final guided meditation of our last evening together.

My smugly benevolent detachment was yanked out from under me. Down I tumbled. Suddenly, there I was, deep in the Underworld realms. To my complete shock, I found myself surrounded by a merry-making throng of NOT pixies, in the hall of the Faery King and Queen. What happened next is one of those things to which the Witch’s Quatenary applies: To Keep Silent.

Maybe the gaes will be lifted at some point, and I will share.

But I can tell you the result: I was blown away. Not just by the unfolding events that evening in that magical domain, but by the rush of memory and familiarity that nearly overwhelmed me. And that ancient intimacy has never left me. In fact, it completely changed the course of my life, my spiritual practice, and everything I stand for.

Everything I thought I knew shifted out from under me.

I was utterly, irrevocably humbled, blessed, and for the first time since I was a very little girl, I was home.

This Is Your Birthright, Too

If you are reading this on my blog, you’ll see (in the blue box either at the bottom of your screen or to the right of this post) that I am a “practitioner of Old Faery tradition healing and magic.”  I have now been investigating, practicing, and celebrating this path for 20 years, studying with many of the finest experts in the world.

John Duncan painting Merlin and the Faerie QueenAnd I want to share some of that with YOU.

Why? Because I know there is a profound connection that awaits you, one you might not have even realized you were missing. You have allies from Other Realms that have watched over you for all your life, waiting and hoping for you to remember.

But this is not glittery sparkles and hey-nonny-nonny folderol. The Faery races are far older and more formidable than the trivialized, whitewashed junk sold to us by Disney or the Victorians.

It’s time to know the true nature and history of your Cousins. You’ll see how this companionship became so entangled in the agendas of Church and Commerce. The sorry result has been a catastrophic erosion of our wild places, our wild hearts, and our understanding of our relationship to our planet.

Healing this sacred kinship is a powerful component if we are to step into our true power as light-bearers in these stormy times. Our world urgently needs fully functioning, fully restored human and Faery partnerships.

This is your birthright, a Faery gift bestowed upon you as a blessing from long, long ago.  It would be a privilege to help break the spell that has diminished your understanding. It would be my honor to help you reclaim the treasure that has been rightfully yours all along.

Please join us.

Re-enchanting the World:
Healing Our Alliances with the Other Realms

Faery gate arched entrance draped in ivySaturday, March 18, 2023
1-5:30pm (Eastern Time)
via Zoom for the first time

$70 USD

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nofixedstars March 4, 2023, 12:41 pm

i would so love to be a part of this. but it is my daughter’s birthday weekend, and as a family in mourning we need to celebrate that together. the concept of another, kindred realm of beings on/in/around earth with us is of deep interest to me, and i would love to hear your thoughts about it. so i’m sorry i will miss out on this. drat! but i love that you are doing it!

Beth March 4, 2023, 4:24 pm

Oh, so sorry you’ll miss it if it’s something that intrigues you. But I surely do understand. May your time together be healing and blessed.

Sue-Anne Solem March 4, 2023, 4:56 pm

The synchronicity of this is delightful. I just completed 2 hours of a gathering for children about finding fairies in the woods! This was an activity of the triangle Land conservancy which I am at trail guide. Do I believe in fairies? Well no but I do believe in the importance of synchronicity so I will check my calendar and see what’s happening on March 18th hopefully join the throng. Another synchronicity is I generally don’t check my email from my phone while I’m sitting in a cafe as I am now. Love to you!

Beth March 4, 2023, 6:11 pm

Oh, Sue-Anne! What a fascinating “coincidence.” As if!

You would be so very, very welcome to join us, and maybe reconsider … And thank you for being a Triangle Land Conservancy guide. I can’t think of a more perfect escort to help children keep their hearts open to the magic and importance of the natural world.

The point of power
is always in
the present moment.

~ Louise Hay

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