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March 17th At Our House: A Retraction, But Still No To Patrick

Irish immigrants arrive in America

Whatever your heritage, let’s make this a day to uphold the light of Lady Liberty for all peace-loving immigrants seeking a better life here. Continue Reading

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Rejoice! Ostara Blessings!

A Seed for Spring Equinox ©Annie Finch Thrusting through the season where I’d waited for spring, tucking up my head, I felt the slanted weight of clouds pressing through the sky above me down towards this grave, till I feel the earth around the place my head has lain under winter’s touch, and it crumbles.Continue reading Continue Reading

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From The Wild Hunt – In Memorium for Isaac Bonewits

This article was written by Jason Pitzl-Waters on his Wild Hunt blog and news service. It is one of the many excellent tributes saying farewell to this tremendously important figure in the Pagan world.  May Isaac rest easy in the shining peace of the Goddess.  May his beloveds’ loss be eased by the love thatContinue reading Continue Reading

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