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Blessings of Samhain to You and the Beloved Dead

This day and night, may Samhain’s gifts come to you with love. May you celebrate with your beloved dead and merry meet at the crossroads of destiny. Continue Reading

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Tarot Card of Samhain Week, Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2018: Nine of Cups

The Tarot offers a benevolent gatekeeper for this week of Samhaintide. For the Wise, wishes are holy if they are authentic and from our loving heart. Continue Reading

Tarot Card of the Full Moon Week, Oct. 22-28, 2018: Wheel of Fortune

In this Full Moon week, the Tarot inquires what patterns are you ready to discard? What final harvest for this magickal year are you now gathering in? Continue Reading

Tarot Card of the Week, Nov. 6-12, 2017: The Chariot

This week, what new path forward opens for you? How can you harness seemingly contrary situations, in order to reach a goal? This ally will show you. Continue Reading

Welcoming the Mystery Within Mystery – A Blessed Samhain to You

The Wheel has turned. The final harvest and dark of the year have arrived. This is the great sabbat of Samhain. We weave our magic and honor our dead. Continue Reading

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