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Thanksgiving Day 20: My Business Deva

What you love, loves you. What you want, wants you. The soul of your business is invested in you and in the success of your business. It has its own reasons for being, its own allies, its own ecology which shapes its unfolding story.   ~ Hiro Boga As many of you who have studiedContinue reading Read more

2 Luminous Sparks

The Heavens Within Us

Spirit of the Redwoods © Willow Arlenea Draw into thy Centre-deep…thy Heavens within…Take present care of the Heavens of our Mind…Dive into our own Celestiality, and see with what manner of spirits you are endued; for in them the Powers do entirely lie for Transformation.– Jane Leade, A Fountain of Gardens How do we findContinue reading Read more

2 Luminous Sparks