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Freedom Fridays Resumes: Lesson 12 – Make Eye Contact and Small Talk

As magical and spiritual people, a solid grounding in current events is vital. Thus, I’m resuming my series based on Timothy Snyder’s “On Tyranny.” Continue Reading …

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Wordless Wednesday: Grieving for My Friend, George

In Which, Rather than Wordless, I am Interviewed

If you’ve ever had some questions about me — what I believe in, how I approach my practice, and what’s up with the owls —  stop by my friend and colleague’s website today. Bri Saussy, professional root worker, intuitive reader, and visionary extraordinaire, has interviewed me for her blog. It is an understatement to sayContinue reading Read more

Wednesday Celebration: Triangle Tarot & Friends of Raleigh-Durham Meetup

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Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Getting Caught Up

For a number of years, my friend Stan has been doing a “30 Days of Thanksgiving” gratitude practice, and I have meant to join in.  Now I see similar stuff all over the interwebs, by various names. In fact, like all great ideas, it’s spreading like wildfire and all the cool kids are doing it.Continue reading Read more

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