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Blessings of Samhain to You and the Beloved Dead

This day and night, may Samhain’s gifts come to you with love. May you celebrate with your beloved dead and merry meet at the crossroads of destiny. Continue Reading

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Open Wide Our Hearts in Praise, The Wheel Now Turns to Harvest Days

The Song of Lughnasadh I am the sovereign splendor of creation, I am the fountain in the courts of bliss, I am the bright surrender of the willpower, I am the watchful guardian and the kiss. I am the many-colored landscape, I am the transmigration of the geese, I am the burnished glory of theContinue reading Read more

The Days of Imbolc

There, at the foot of the tree, belonging to no man, A silver apple falls. There, amongst the branches, the mother sits. Weaver of dreams against the weft of the wood, Insight falls like gentle rain on a moon-bathed garden.    ~ Song to Hecate, by Alison Jones Now is the time to get readyContinue reading Read more

Preparing for Holy Holidays

Goddess Sunday is taking a break, as I prepare for my holiday and holy days of retreat. I will be offline for several weeks (!), except for the Tarot Card of the Week, and, who knows, the occasional drop-by. As the cross-quarter holiday of Lughnasadh approaches, I am reminded of dear Caitlín Matthews’ post forContinue reading Read more

Wishing You a Blessed Samhain

Sparks from the hearth Of the Queen of Death and Life Swarm through the dark, Dance through the Night. by J. Robin Gall from Second Chants, Serpentine Music Productions This is the Great Sabbat of Samhain (pronounced SAH-wen, or SOW (rhymes with cow) -wen), and is the third and final harvest, marking Summer’s end. ItContinue reading Read more

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