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Jai, Jai Ganesh! Joyful Blessings of Ganesh Chaturthi!

If ever we needed huge, benevolent, loving Divine aid to remove the obstacles of hatred, ignorance, and fear, it is NOW. Happily, there IS such help. Continue Reading

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Wordless Wednesday: The New Alexandrian Library

To learn how you can be a part of this important project, please click here.

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Welcome to 2016: The Tarot Year of The Hermit

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. ~ Hebrews 13:2, King James Bible As you may know from the articles I have published, and for those who have been in my Birthday Club, the numerology of your birthday, or of a particular year, may correspond to the Tarot, specificallyContinue reading Continue Reading

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It Is Time for the Shambhala Warriors to Awaken and Act

Twelve centuries ago, this prophecy was made. This video was recorded by our great elder, Joanna Macy, over three years ago. And now, the day has come. Today. Hear, know, and recognize who you are. Then shake off the chains of despair and helplessness. You are being called to this. Be of courage, and joinContinue reading Continue Reading

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It’s Gaia Friday and Robert Redford Speaks for the Redwoods

As usual, I recommend going to full screen.  

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Joyful Blessings of Ganesh Chaturthi!

Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah Today is the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi, India’s most joyous celebration of the (re)birth of the Lord of learning. Ganesh is the God of letters and wisdom, son of Shiva and Parvati, and mentor of Gods and humans. He is the destroyer of vanity, selfishness, pride, and the remover ofContinue reading Continue Reading

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On Our Nation’s Birthday, Let Us Invoke the Goddess Libertas

Today we celebrate the birthday of the United States of America.  But despite the parties, celebrations, and business as usual, a shadow lies across the heart of our declaration that we are a government of, by, and for our actual people.  The Goddess Libertas is our country’s birth mother, our source, and the heart ofContinue reading Continue Reading

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Sunday Inspiration: A Heavy Curriculum

I saw this just the other day, from one of my most beloved teachers of my lifetime, Ram Dass. It was precisely what I needed to hear at that moment.  In fact, in my morning pages, I’d finished that day’s entry with a question pity party, and several hours later that same day, this wasContinue reading Continue Reading

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Sunday Inspiration from Principal John

I subscribe to a number of blogs that offer inspiration and perspective, so that I can be in the deeper flow of wisdom that is sometimes otherwise hard to see. One of my favorites is by Greg John, who writes Principal John: Notes from the Playground. He explains: “These notes start where all leaders start.Continue reading Continue Reading

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Thursday Reflections

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Blessings of the Aquarius New Moon!

From my friend, awesome astrologer Lynn Hayes.  May your new beginnings be brilliant!  ~ Beth Aquarius New Moon, February 10, 2013 by Lynn Hayes The Moon is New in Aquarius today, offering up an opportunity to surrender all of the trappings of personality that culminated at the Leo Full Moon two weeks ago and openingContinue reading Continue Reading

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Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Day Six

My mum taught me how to read before I went to kindergarten.  I always thought that being able to read provided lightness, helping to dispel darkness, ignorance, and stupidity. ~ Michael Moore Today is Day Six of my Thirty Days of Thanksgiving. And it’s Election Day in the United States.  So today, I give heartfeltContinue reading Continue Reading

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Saturday Wisdom – Two Quotes I Needed To Hear Today

Our knowledge has made us cynical; our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. ~ Charlie Chaplin, in ‘The Great Dictator’ We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasinglyContinue reading Continue Reading

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Saturday Inspiration: Plant Medicine Sutra

As you know, on weekends, I like to step aside and instead welcome the voices and art of other visionaries.  For many years, I have loved this piece, and I share it in my Herbal Magick and my Plant Allies classes. I hope it will inspire you to see our Green Guardians with new eyesContinue reading Continue Reading

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Plant Spirit Medicine For Love Magick

One must feel grateful that the idylls of the forest are still being acted, and that there are still those whose vision is quick enough to catch sight of them and whose pens have the cunning to put before others the glimpses. ~ Lady Rosalind Northcote, early 1900s This time next week, I’ll be atContinue reading Continue Reading

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The Year of the Hierophant with Caitlín Matthews, Part Two

Please celebrate the Year of the Hierophant with me as I share Part Two of my guest blog, from one of the greatest living Speaker of Mysteries — the sublime Caitlín Matthews. I invite you to post the results of your readings, if you try the enclosed spread. And once again, thank you, Caitlín. ~Continue reading Continue Reading

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Celebrating the Year of the Hierophant with Caitlín Matthews

Every January for the last 12 years or so, I have written an essay discussing the Tarot Year, which is based on the Major Arcana card that corresponds to the one- or two-digit number that we get when we add up (and sometimes reduce) the digits of the year. If you recall from my seriesContinue reading Continue Reading

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Tarot Card of the Week, Dec. 26, 2011 – Jan. 1, 2012: The Hierophant

Preachers err by trying to talk people into belief; better they reveal the radiance of their own discovery. ~ Joseph Campbell In a bit of truly exquisite timing, our Card of the Week ushering us across the threshold from 2011 to 2012 is also the Card of the Year for 2012. This week, the unusualContinue reading Continue Reading

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Blessings of the New Moon in Capricorn!

Many thanks and blessings to Diane Lang (a.k.a. Neith) and her beautiful astrology blog, “Libra Seeking Balance” for today’s post about this powerful New Moon.  ~ Beth New Moon in Capricorn December 24, 2011 by Diane Lang © 2011 The flavor of the New Moon at 2° 34′ Capricorn on 24 December 2011, 10:07 AMContinue reading Continue Reading

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A thousand thanks to blog friend Susannah Azzaro for sending me this video. She has shared it on her beautiful blog today, also. In view of the shameful, violent crack-downs on peaceful citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, and which are going largely unreported, at this pivotal moment of transformation, I offer this.  It isContinue reading Continue Reading

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