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Happy New Year! Wishing You Blessings, Healing, and Happiness in 2021

Happy New Year! Here’s what to know about this day, for it is one that is loaded with lore and ancient custom. May only good fortune be yours! Continue Reading …

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Magical Mysterious Yuletide Gifts and the Christmas Candle

Today is THE day for one of the most magical abundance spells ever. And if you are celebrating Christmas it’s time to light the final candle. Continue Reading …

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Now Is the Deepest Dark; Welcome the Blessings of Mother Night

Tonight we enter the darkness of the last night before Solstice. Receive the gifts of Mother Night: balm for the too busy and bright dissonance. Continue Reading …

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In Peace We Dream the Coming Sun, Tonight We Light Candle One

The Wheel of time has turned again, Advent has come. We light our flame with hope and prayer, we gather now as one. It’s time for the 1st candle. Continue Reading …

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A Blessed and Most Somber Samhain to All

Tonight, we as Witches, Pagans, and magickal people celebrate our most holy, reflective, and deeply sacred time. Blessed Samhain to all. Continue Reading …

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