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Working With Plant and Herbal Energies

When we open ourselves to the inherent intelligence of the earth,
the earth leans towards us in response…”

~  Frank MacEowen, from The Mist-Filled Path

Have You Heard the Call from the Green Realms?

Once upon a time, when you were small, did you have a special tree? A secret garden? Maybe it was a private little retreat in some woods or a vacant lot or a park near your home. A place you felt safe, and, in some indescribable way, seen and … loved.

From the moment we draw our very first breath, the plants of the Earth are essential to our survival. But what if our relationship is even more rich and complex than we have ever imagined?

What if we are, in fact, conversing with them, singing with them, and guided by them, even as we breathe their gift of life, eat of their fruits, and are healed by their medicines?

Since prehistoric times, the knowledge of herbs and flowers has been a vital part of the healing and magical practice of spiritual practitioners on every path. From the monks of the medieval cloisters, to the wise women and shamans tending the needs of their villages, understanding and co-creating with plants has been a sacred trust.

But our ancestors did not think of the plant world as a mere commodity to be used at will. They worked with herbs, trees, and botanicals as energetic beings who had intelligence and sentient awareness.

For centuries, this view has been discouraged as quaint, ignorant or superstitious. But now, in the 21st century, thanks to the research of serious authors such as Michael Pollan, Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird, and Cleve Backster, it appears we are coming full circle.

Their research is indicating that our green co-inhabitants on planet Earth may indeed be intelligent in unexpected, heretofore misunderstood ways. We stand on the edge of scientific breakthroughs that may reveal that our ancestors had it right all along. That plants are fully aware and possess mysterious, powerful ways of communicating with one another, as well as with the animal realms. That includes humans, of course!

It is from this perspective that I invite you to join me for an afternoon getting to know and working with our dear friends, the Green Allies.

I am so honored to extend this very special invitation to you. Please join me for the next in my Tools for Transition series…

Working With Plant and Herbal Energies
Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is not an introduction to gardening, nor is it a class on herbal medicine or cures. And, while we will touch on some of their work, it will not be a scholarly session focusing on the groundbreaking research of the authors mentioned above.

Instead, it will be a highly experiential afternoon of personally connecting to the intelligence and awareness of our Green friends and teachers. Together, we will be exploring their magical, energetic properties.

Join Us As We Celebrate the Springtime Energies of Herbs and Flowers

Treat yourself to this magical time-out you are longing for.  This is your special chance to relax, connect to the Earth, and delight in the beautiful, loving energies of our botanical allies.  On this peaceful, healing afternoon, we will:

  • explore (weather permitting) the gentle land here at Laurel Hill, greeting and aligning with the sacred devas who bless us every day.
  • work with the herbs associated with your Tarot Soul card, and discuss how their energies can enhance your “mission” in this lifetime, acting as your most intimate Guides as your life’s journey unfolds. (No Tarot experience is needed).
  • collaborate with our Plant Allies to make and take home charms and magical blends for banishing negativity; cultivating protection for purification and joyfulness; invoking the blessings of creativity and abundance; or enhancing love and harmonious relationships, just to name a few.

If you have ever longed to get acquainted with, or delve deeper into the gentle, powerful energies of herbs and plants, this class was designed for you!

This Workshop Is By Invitation Only!

Due to space limitations, this class is open to only the first 10 people who enroll. Join with other spirit-centered people like yourself as you bask in the beautiful energies of the Green Ones who share this land with us.   This is an opportunity to spend a magical afternoon that you will remember for years to come.  All materials will be provided, but if you have some special herbal gifts or friends, you are most welcome to bring them.


My home, Laurel Hill, in northern Durham County. Need directions? I will be sending them to all class participants.

Anyone who has taken my classes will tell you that you can expect lots of laughter and fun, while also experiencing powerful shifts and awakenings in your awareness. It is my honor to offer you the hospitality of my home in northern Durham County.

As my friends and clients who have visited here will tell you, it is a unique location, filled with warmth, healing and a magical energy that is most rare and loving. Best of all, it is a powerful place that is blessed by the most wonderful Green Allies who are looking forward to meeting with you!

The Bottom Line

The investment for this intimate, creative afternoon is only $137. This includes the afternoon’s workshop, all the herbal materials for making charms and enchantments, plus the first six months of your membership in “The Owl’s Nest,” a private online retreat and support network for people who are working with me in my Tools for Transition series.

Don’t delay. There are only four three seats remaining!

Reservations arelimited to the first ten paid deposits or enrollments, so sign up today. A non-refundable PayPal deposit of $50 will save your spot, or you can pay the full amount.  You can sign up right now by clicking the button below.

Working with Plant and Herbal Energies

Join our merry, magical band of human and botanical friends!



ps: I realize that not everyone reading this is local to the Triangle area of North Carolina. But for the “geographically challenged,” please be reassured that I am working on finding ways to make similar workshops available through technological means. Be on the lookout for updates.