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WINGS – September, 2015: Astrological Tidbits

Astro TidbitsCh-ch-ch-ch-changes…

After a fairly quiet summer, this month sees big astrological influences on the move. Expect lots of shifting and re-focusing ahead.

Three main reasons behind this:
The Planets: No less than three planets will be changing direction this month (And no, of course the actual direction that the planets are orbiting in space does not change. It just looks that way, from our own point of view and orbit motion here on Earth!).

Plus there will be an important showdown between two big outer planets that could have important repercussions.

Eclipses: September features a powerful pair – a partial solar eclipse and a full lunar eclipse.

The Equinox: The twice yearly moment when nighttime and daylight hours are equal. In the Northern Hemisphere, this still point leads to the dark half of the year. The Equinox chart is often an important harbinger of what the season ahead may hold in store.

So, what can we expect from all this activity? And how can you be best equipped to navigate the rapidly changing circumstances?

Planetary Switching

Let’s first look at the planets’ dances, shall we? Especially since awesome astrologer and friend Lynn Hayes says it’s the big news in September.


She writes, “First we have Venus turning direct on September 6th after a period of retrograde motion since July 25th. Venus presides over all that we value – our relationships, certainly, but also our relationship to money, our possessions, and our own feelings about our ability to attract positive things in life.

“While Venus is retrograde we often re-evaluate what is important to us, re-connect with old friends and re-assess our financial position. Venus is often associated with reversals in the financial markets and we saw this take place right on schedule.”

Astrologer Simone Butler (you may know her from the beautiful essays she writes for adds, “Venus has just ended her retrograde journey in the courageous sign of Leo – how perfect that this coincides with a beautiful, heart-centered woman rising into her power as a role model for others.”

She is speaking, of course, about the new Mrs. Universe, Ashley Callingbull of the Cree Nation, who is shining a spotlight on her native Canada’s inaction regarding missing and murdered indigenous women.


Meantime, heads up! Mercury goes retrograde Sept. 17th.

You know the drill – Mercury affects travel, technology, communication, and commerce. So back up your data NOW. Double check your travel plans. Maybe you might want to postpone, or at least triple-check, before signing on the dotted line, particularly since Mercury is in Libra for this reversal.

Mercury Hermes in FlightLynn explains, “Mercury (mind and communication) will be retrograde between September 17th and October 9th in the sign of Libra. While in Libra, Mercury brings our attention to fairness and ways to achieve balance in our lives – in our relationships, but also in our conversations with others, our business partnerships, and our financial dealings. Libra is ruled by Venus so there is an echo of the importance of Venus with these two planets changing direction.”


Then, last, but certainly not least, Lynn tells us, “Pluto (power and transformation) turns direct on September 25th. The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) typically spend about half the year in retrograde motion and during this time they travel very short distances. For this reason, retrograde planets have a more intense personal influence than they do when traveling direct. Once Pluto turns direct it will pick up speed and the transformations that have been brewing will become more evident and easier to manage.”

Judy Joyce adds insight regarding the profound level of this influence, explaining, “Pluto’s energies are extremely powerful, intense and transformative. We can go for many years without Pluto interacting strongly with our birth chart, but when it does, we will go through a major turning point on our life path.

“Because Pluto moves very slowly, those times can bring at least two to three years of intense transformative experiences and major karmic clearing. We won’t be able to fully comprehend just how much our life is changing while it is happening. It may be years later before we have a clear perspective on the impact it had on us during of that period in our life.”

The Other Big Planetary News

Besides the retrogrades beginning and ending, the other big news is that there is also an opposition between Jupiter and Neptune the same day that Mercury goes retrograde AND Saturn changes signs. Yes, Sept. 17 promises to be a very interesting powerhouse.

Jupiter and Neptune Face Off

Rather than the changing directions of Venus, Mercury, and Pluto, Lance Ferguson of believes that the Jupiter-Neptune opposition is the biggest news of the month. Jupiter Neptune

He writes, “The main event in the September Skywatch is rare and only shows up in the heavens once every 13 years as Jupiter in Virgo lines up exactly opposite Neptune in Pisces on Sept 17.

“The positive side of this marker encourages us all to work on our dream projects by finding the balance between the reality and the cost of the situation and our idealistic expectations.

“However, some folks will let the cost of their dreams exceed their budget and make some terrible decisions this month. Problems with booze, drugs, infections, water, deception, unrealistic attitudes and irresponsible behavior are all more likely all month long while this aspect prevails.”

Saturn Changes Signs

Meantime, also on Sept. 17, Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius.

You may recall that the giant planet of karma, time, and life lessons flirted briefly with Sagittarius last December. But then, he went retrograde and backed into Scorpio again on June 14, 2015.

When he moves back into Sagittarius on the 17th, he stays there for the usual 2-plus year duration —  until mid-December, 2017.

Judy writes, “The energies of Saturn are very powerful and are associated with lessons, tests and karmic conditions in our lives. Saturn’s ultimate goal is to bring us wisdom and mastery, but it won’t come easily. We have to earn it. The energies of Saturn are often felt as a relentless pressure bearing down upon us until we acquiesce to whatever lesson or test is happening in our lives.

“Resisting the lesson takes tremendous energy. Once we cooperate with the Saturnian energies, and face whatever it is we need to do, it becomes much easier.”

For even more insight about this important Saturn cusp, check out Lynn’s in-depth article here.

The Eclipses

Lunar eclipseEclipses always come in pairs, coinciding with New Moon and Full Moons, which create the solar and lunar eclipses, respectively. So the duo coming this month are no exception.

Eclipses often accompany some of life’s biggest events: births, marriages, relocating home or starting a new business. Their impact continues to ripple through our lives sometimes for six months or more.

Lynn notes that “This eclipse is a SuperMoon (term coined by Richard Nolle) because it is at its closest point to the Earth, which gives it a more powerful influence.

“The lunar energy is further intensified by a harmonious trine from Mars to Uranus, planet of radical change. Uranus is traveling through Aries, and Aries is ruled by Mars, so this is a double whammy of high octane fuel to propel us out of our stale routines and into a life where ritual becomes magic rather than drudgery.”

For some additional information about how eclipses affect us in general, check out this article in the Astrology Zone.

Specific to THIS Virgo New Moon solar eclipse on Sunday the 13th, Simone observes that, “Chiron is prominent at Saturday’s Virgo New Moon eclipse (Sept. 13, 2:41 a.m. EDT). The Wounded Healer opposes the Sun and Moon as they join, bringing issues related to suffering and healing into sharp focus. In a solar eclipse, the feminine (Moon) vanquishes the masculine (Sun). Thus, male abuses are being held up for scrutiny. Wrongs of the past can now be righted, and a clean slate is possible.”

And Judy writes of the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse on Sept. 27, “The Full Moon is in Aries . Since this is an eclipse, it indicates more shifts in circumstances. The Aries Moon energy is adventurous and ready to go, but there are indications that doubts or unclear information could hold things up through September 28.”

The Equinox

The Quarter holidays — Equinoxes and Solstices — are season markers, and when we look at their charts, we often can see what influences can be expected in the months ahead.

Lance Ferguson of Skywatch tells us, “A change of seasons takes place at 4:21 AM EDT early Wednesday Sept. 23 morning as the Sun enters Libra, the sign of Fall, and we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox.” Equinox

Of course, all the Southern Hemispherians will be welcoming Spring!

“The Fall Equinox chart for Sept 23,” Lance writes, “quietly speaks to a season of opportunity and progress up ahead. And there’s a major kiss forming in the heavens as the month ends. We are lucky that Jupiter quickly runs away from spacey Neptune and right into the arms of powerful Pluto—the first sign of this positive connection shows up in this new chart of Fall. Better days are ahead.”

And the always wise and dear Ralfee Finn concludes, “We are entering the transition from one season to another, and even if you live in an urban environment, seemingly unaffected by that sort of shift, seasonal transitions still have a powerful effect.

“So pay attention to what you’re feeling and honor those feelings by giving yourself time to adjust, and also time to work your way through the multitude of changing patterns that will unfold over this week and the coming weeks. As always, try to honor the feelings and rhythms of others.

“We are all in this life together and the flux of personal and collective interactions work better when we remember our interconnectedness.”

Good advice indeed.

Until next time, may the stars shine brightly for you.