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WINGS November – Astrological Tidbits

Astro TidbitsPack Patience and Good Will; the Planetary Highways of December Are Jammed

In this last month of the year, in the Northern Hemisphere, the nights grow to their longest and we make our faithful preparations for the rebirth of the light.

Ralfee Finn offers welcome insight in her overview of December, noting that “Planetary congestion along the celestial superhighway could result in terrestrial gridlock over the coming weeks.”

She explains, “It isn’t really possible to avoid, dismiss, or deny these ‘traffic jams’ —they are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—and they are certain to manifest in ordinary as well as extraordinary ways.”

Astrologer Cynthia Novak agrees, telling us that as the year’s end darkness descends we should, “Remember Jupiter, the great guru and optimist, is very strong in the heavens. Reach for your optimism and hold on.”

However, Jupiter is already slowing down and preparing for his retrograde Monday, Dec. 8.  Jeff Jawer at StarIQ reassures us that, “The reversal of this planet of aspiration doesn’t eliminate the ability to make progress toward our goals.

“It does, however, indicate that more review and reflection might be necessary to ensure the success of long-range plans. Instead of trying so hard to sell your ideas to others, double check to make sure that whatever you’ve been saying still feels true to you.”Jupiter Retrograde

That’s good, because Jupiter does not station direct until April 8 next year.

Meantime, just before the giant planet puts the brakes on and backs up (from our perspective here on Planet Earth — this does not literally happen!), we celebrate the Full Moon in Gemini on Saturday, December 6, at 7:27 am EST.

Jeff writes, “The Gemini Moon is like a butterfly that flits from flower to flower, while the Sun in opposing Sagittarius is a long-distance traveler with a higher goal in mind.

“Both signs are intellectually stimulating but with very different purposes. The former gathers facts and the latter seeks meaning. It’s easy to become distracted by overdoses of information and trivial distractions as we learn how to shift attention from current issues to future concerns and back again. We benefit by combining flexibility with truth-seeking to reduce self-righteousness and invite openness to new ideas.”

Meantime, Ralfee gets straight to the heart of December’s cross-currents.  “Saturn is in the last weeks of its transit through Scorpio, a journey that ends on December 23.

“As Saturn winds down through Scorpio, it will distill the last two years of its effect into the final few weeks. Saturn symbolizes structure—it gets down to the bones of things. Scorpio represents ‘other people’s money,’ which translates into partners’—personal and profession—finances, debt, inheritance, and other aspects of fiscal obligation.

“Everyone has Saturn and Scorpio somewhere in their birth chart, which means all of us have been experiencing Saturn’s probe into our financial arrangements with others.”

Uranus Pluto squareBut the biggest player in December’s planetary challenges will be another of what Elisabeth Grace calls “the never-ending” (for so it seems!) series of exact squares between Uranus and Pluto.

Ralfee writes of this one, “This brings us to the most important contributor to the congestion: the tightening grip of the sixth (and next to last) Uranus/Pluto square, which is exact and separating on December 15.

“As you may know, these squares signify revolutions as well as revolutionaries with a unifying cause: social justice. And while it may not look as if social justice is advancing, it is, even if we can’t see tangible progress because we are still in the midst of this current phase of shift, still figuring out how to heal hate and fear, still figuring out how to love one another regardless of our differences.”

Let’s hope so!

Although I plan to publish the next Tidbits before these two influences occur, I do want to give you a heads up about two other powerful features in December.

First, the New Moon arrives within hours of the Solstice point, right as the Sun changes signs into Capricorn.

But, as if that’s not monumental enough, there’s even more!

Lorna Bevan explains, “On December 22nd, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Vesta and Venus form a conjunction with Pluto at the Capricorn New Moon on the World Axis, lifting the veil, burning away the dross and opening of the doors of karma via the ruler Saturn.”

She continues, “This year, the Solstice, which always brings a change of energy from Yin to Yang, is marked by the Ringed Planet moving from a Fixed to Mutable sign, from Water to Fire. Think back to November 16, 1985 to February 13, 1988 – those dates bracket the last time that the Lord of Time and Karma was in Sagittarius. What was the big theme in your life back then? What did you learn the hard way? How did you grow up?

astrology axis chart“Only the expression of eternal truths will cut it. Your beliefs, values and actions are your truth. Are you living them out day by day? Or is there a gap between what you profess and what you do?

“Do you follow your own North Star or do you seek external validation? It’s time to see the big picture, the forest instead of the trees, the proverbial Moon instead of the finger.”

And last but not least, so you can plan ahead of time if necessary, Lance Ferguson tells us, “The most stressful day over the holidaze is Dec 24.  Mercury will square Uranus and conjunct Pluto that night. The Moon meets aggressive Mars in the heavens at the same time—don’t put off things to the last minute, and keep it simple.”

Cynthia agrees, but it is her view that there could be potential for serious trouble. “I am very concerned about the aspects on December 24th: Yes, Christmas Eve.

“The Moon triggers Mars and they face optimistic Jupiter. This is great for charitable actions in the hands of a loving, generous soul. I expect abundant charity all season, but particularly in December. Breathe deeply and be aware of your surroundings always…but particularly at the end of this year…

“Call on divine will and protection. Turn off distractions: Be aware and listen within.  If something in you says turn around…do it. If you resist travel…stay home. Trust your quiet inner navigation system. Let it turn to peace and flow.  Trust your inner guidance to truly know.”

Which is always wise council.

Until next time, may the stars shine brightly for you.