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WINGS February, 2015 – Astrological Tidbits

Astro TidbitsAstrological Tidbits – February to Early March, 2015
Green Lights Come Back On…
Gear Up to Grow!

As I mentioned in the introduction section, we have finally come out from the Mercury retrograde period that unraveled, thwarted, and changed many of our plans for getting ahead.

But for once, exiting that slowing down period of re-evaluation and review, there is almost no lag time before we are back up to speed, according to the always astute Ralfee Finn.

Uranus,” she writes, “the planet that illuminates trouble spots with its thunderbolts of lightning, is continuing to inspire innovation and invention, and that translates into something new replacing the tried and true—but only when necessary…

“The ongoing Jupiter/Uranus trine continues to stimulate surprising and sudden changes of fortune. It’s fundamentally a positive interaction that combines the creativity of Uranus with the expansiveness of Jupiter.”

Indeed, as Lance Ferguson notes, we emerge from the Mercury retrograde into “a perfect quintile to the Awakener, Uranus.

“Quintiles in a natal chart,” he explains, “point out special abilities and touches of genius that are within a person from birth—like having perfect pitch. Quintiles…encourage all of us to put our own ideas and talents into the mix of our daily lives.”

A Second Aquarius New Moon and Another New Year

Year of the GoatOn Feb. 18, we have a second New Moon while the Sun is in Aquarius, just three minutes before it slips into the sign of Pisces.

This is the New Moon that heralds the Lunar New Year, ushering in the Year of the Goat.

Astrologer Robert Brown notes, “Talk about the last degree of a thirty degree sign! This new Moon is as if we are standing on a precipice or ledge ready to leap. Make wishes for new goals and enterprises and plan to network with your sphere of influence. Those people will help you reach your goals during this new lunar cycle.”

Surprises Triggered in March

The other big news during this time is that we are gearing up for the final showdown between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.

As you probably are aware by now, they have been squared off against each other within a degree or two since before 2012. We are coming up on the final of their seven exact squares on March 16/17 (depending on your time zone).

Robert suggests, “As we roll towards that date, expect the screws of life to tighten. Those of us who have points in our charts being touched by Uranus or Pluto will experience high highs and low lows. The February dates that can have us high or low are 1, 3, 8, 15, 21, 28.”UranusPlutosquare

If you remember the tumult of the 1960s, there was a series of three Uranus-Pluto impacts at that time. Some have described those conjunctions as being the birth of what is now, with seven direct hits, coming to its dramatic, transformational period of execution.

Cynthia Novak sums it up with these wise, if challenging insights. She reflects that, “February will see Mars triggering Jupiter again. Mars is moving faster than usual now [to our perspective from Earth], and he is the planet of action, anger and yes, war…We may even leave winter with the US heading further into war. And yes, there is a sense of right action and cause, without it being self-righteous.”

But, she tells us, “March is a month full of surprises. I’m hopeful that the final aspect of [the square between] Uranus and Pluto will bring peace and success to many.  Jupiter slows way down as Venus and Mars trigger the revolutionary aspect of these powerful transpersonal planets: Uranus and Pluto.”

sixtiesTranslating that into layman’s terms, she continues, “The 1960’s folk music lyrics are in the air all year, but there is no stronger time than now.

“We will look back on March of 2015 as a time of change,” she declares. “The events will vary, but this is a great month to make notes on where you are in your life, thoughts and relationships. History is part of your story.

“There is no better time to test your own light and take steps on a path of your calling. There is also no better time to study wise teachings or listen to them throughout your day.”

She sums it up with this powerful affirmation:
“I expect great things for people and the world. In many ways, the revolution of the 1960’s is back again. This season we find resolution and resolve…

“This season and especially in the month of March, we see something clearly: Personal resolve and soulful action are one and the same. ‘We the People’ United is a lofty goal. However, it is the theme as we move through March and enter April’s call to action.”

May We the People join together for the highest good of all.
And until next time, may the stars shine brightly for you.