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Tools for Transition

Calling All Souls…

There can be no doubt that we are living in a time of enormous transition.  Of course, every generation believes that they are the ones in the most crucial moment of history, but few can deny that in our lifetimes, the stakes have never been higher.

Something has to change – it is already changing. You and I can feel it in our hearts. There is no going back.

You know that you want to be a part of the next step.

This Can Be Your New Beginning

If you are feeling the anxiety, the confusion, and yes, the sometimes crazy hopefulness of these changing times, it’s no accident. I believe that THIS, right now, is the time we came here for – it is your time and mine.

Right now. Every single heart, soul, brain, and imagination is being called, not only to survive, but to thrive and to help one other!

You are reading this because you have heard that call.

YOU are ready to shift in powerful ways, so that you, your family, and those you love can be liberated from the draining, fear-saturated energies of our present-day culture.

And in your heart, you know that YOU are urgently needed, to help turn the tide, do The Work, change the paradigm, heal and awaken humanity.

You might not yet know what your mission is. Or you might be fully engaged in it. Or, like so many, you may be somewhere in between on any given day.

One thing is for sure – you will need some special tools, and highly developed skills for using them.

As the saying goes, you can do it! I can help.

~ Returning in 2014 ~

I offer a very special series of workshops designed to help you identify and cultivate your capacity to live a deeper, more soulful experience, as well as to be of service to others.  I call these classes Tools for Transition.

This series includes a juicy variety of half- and full-day workshops. Each is designed to give you the tools, confidence, and skills to move gracefully, and powerfully through these times of profound personal and global change.

The first series of Tools for Transition includes:

  • Developing Your Intuition – Returning soon locally and later by teleseminar. Want to be notified next time it is offered? Email me!
  • Cultivating a Deeper Relationship with Your Guides and Allies – Returning soon locally and later by teleseminar. Want to be notified next time it is offered?  Email me!
  • Working with the Magical Energies of Plants and Herbs – Returning locally, later this year.
  • Re-enchanting the World – Healing Our Alliances with Other Realms – Returning locally, and via teleseminar, sometime later this year.
  • Developing Your Intuition, Part 2: Working with Energy, Protection and Divination –  This class has ended.  If there is interest, I will offer it again in 2013. Let me know! 

 Are you ready to boldly move out of fear, confusion or uncertainty and find your way more easily, joyfully and abundantly — even in the midst of difficulty? Are you longing to step up, and join the strong, passionate spiritual heroes who are helping to awaken and heal humanity?  Let me help you discover and develop your big, joyful talents; allow me to help you find your soulful voice, so that you can sing your vital part in the divine harmony.

Anyone who has taken my classes will tell you that you can expect lots of laughter and fun, while also experiencing powerful shifts and awakenings in your awareness.

For those studying with me locally, it is my honor to offer you the hospitality of my home in northern Durham County. As any of my friends and clients who have visited here will tell you, it is a unique location, filled with warmth, healing and a magical energy that is most rare and loving.

In addition, I have begun offering these series long-distance, via teleseminar technology.

For additional information, and to be on the “Early-bird” notification list, please email me at beth  (at) owlsdaughter (dot) com.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.