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The Enchantment of Lughnasadh: First Harvests and Magickal Prosperity

Since long before the written word, bonfires and revelries across northern Europe celebrated the first harvests of the year. With dancing and feasting, our ancestors gave thanks with first fruits, grain, beer, and wine.

These harvest traditions survive into the present day, and as Earth-centered spiritual practitioners, we know this happy time as Lughnasadh (spelled Lúnasa in modern Irish), Lammas (“loaf mass”), or First Harvest.

While many Celtic practices mark this holiday on or around Aug. 1, this agricultural holiday can fall within a range of dates, up to Aug. 20 or so.

So it is with great pleasure, albeit slightly stretching the precise accuracy, that I offer you the second of my Enchantment Series workshops:

A Year of Enchantment – Lughnasadh:
First Harvests and Magickal Prosperity
Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018
1 – 5:30pm

At Lughnasadh, we celebrate the harvests which provide us with our daily bread,
so let us gather together, and
learn about the power and energetics
of one of the most taboo, seductive, feared,
shunned, and misunderstood topics on the planet…


As spiritual people, how do we deal with the reality of money in our lives?

Obviously, we are living in a secular, materialistic culture, unprecedented in history, and which is wreaking havoc on our environment.

Any sense of satisfaction or fulfillment is the antithesis of the machinery that urges us into uncontrolled, non-stop consumerism at every turn.

We know this, but then again, how do we find the balance? Is impoverishment somehow virtuous? Is wealth inherently wrong? Are we a part of the problem if we seek a more fruitful, comfortable lifestyle?

And, supposing we would like to have more financial enjoyment — maybe LOTS more — how might we ethically do so?

Join us as we examine:

  • The ancient, magickal roots of money.
  • How we can begin to understand and heal our relationships with wealth.
  • Abundance as a magickal tool.
  • Charging for spiritual or esoteric healing services: right? Or wrong?
  • Prosperity spells and practices you can easily implement.

This is brand new material that I have never offered before. But in these times of precarious economic realities, it is a topic near and dear to my heart; and one that I have spent years researching.

Enchantment is not hungry, needy, or in fear. Abundant harvests are the natural way. It would be my honor to welcome you into the gentle, safe space of my home, so we can explore these often tender, delicate issues.

This Workshop Will Fill Up Fast!

It already did!

Details below…

Join with other spirit-centered people like yourself as we celebrate the magickal year, observing the energies aligned with the eight sabbats, and weaving deep Enchantment into a world in need.

Laurel HillWhere:

It is my honor to offer you the hospitality of my cottage in the woods, that we call Laurel Hill, in northern Durham County.

As my friends and clients who have visited here agree, this is a unique location, filled with warmth, healing, and a magical energy that is very protective and loving.

And anyone who has taken my classes will tell you that you can expect lots of laughter and fun, while also experiencing powerful shifts and awakenings in your awareness.


Important Update:

If enough people join the waiting list, I may move our location to Health Touch NC, LLC, in Durham (near 15-501 and I-40). I will NOT make this change if it adversely affects those who have already signed up, but PLEASE join the waiting list if you would like to attend. And stay tuned for updates & announcements.


Because the subjects of our personal money habits, our jobs, and discussions about our income may come up, (and these can sometimes be highly emotional), it is necessary that all agree to maintain this as a respectful, safe container for all participants.

Although we need not delve any more deeply into personal details than anyone cares to share, I will insist on strict confidentiality and support for all participants.

Also, you need not be a magickal adept, but I do ask that participants are able to move comfortably into and out of guided meditative states, are at ease with the idea of spellcraft, and are respectful of boundaries and energetic edges.

Embrace the Abundance of Lughnasadh!

The investment for this intimate, illuminating afternoon is $67. Handouts and materials are naturally included.


More details will be provided after registration.

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I look forward to having you join us as we continue our journey, aligning with and adding your beautiful spirit to the enchantment of our sacred world.

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