Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

What some of my clients and colleagues would like you to know…

“Beth Owl’s Daughter is one of my favorite Tarot readers.  She has an uncanny ability to cut straight through to the heart of the matter at hand. Because of her life wisdom and intuitive gifts, her readings are often transformative for her clients. I know I can always trust her readings to give me insight, clarity, and direction.”
— Joanna Powell Colbert, creator of The Gaian Tarot

“I’ve fallen in love with WINGS from Beth Owl’s Daughter. Published monthly, this newsletter never fails to delight me with all sorts of Tarot goodness, astrology tidbits and more. The writing is heartfelt and smart – this is one you CANNOT miss. — Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady: Best of Tarot, 2011

“Beth Owl’s Daughter is an amazing clear channel that offers insight into the deeper spiritual parts of ourselves…It was a true pleasure having you on the show with us, we look forward to having you on again.”
Kimmie Rose – Psychic guide and host of Innerviews TV, internationally renowned author, teacher, hypnotherapist, medium, and intuitive counselor.

“Thank you so, so much for the wonderful reading. I felt it got to the heart of the matters that are on my mind and in my spirit… You have a true gift — it made the reading just perfect for me!
— Madeline K., Arizona, Skylight Astrology, Gilbert, AZ.

“You are a most trustworthy spiritual adviser and your intuitive powers are amazing.. your insights have proven to be always accurate and helpful in guiding me. I feel very grateful that I have had your help.” — Dr. M.P., Raleigh, NC

“I really needed to have a sense of direction and focus with my career and you were more than able to provide that for me.. I will most definitely recommend you.” L., New York City

“Thank you for your thoroughness and kindness…You provide a good service in addition to being an excellent reader, making the experience what it SHOULD be, rather than what it often is…It seems that you want to provide the most practical, useful possible experience for people: Lovely!” — M.M., Carrboro, NC

“I am so glad I did this. Your reading was so interesting and beneficial. I was deeply touched by your insight; it was very stabilizing for me emotionally… Thank you again…” T.R., San Diego

“You are frankly one of the best readers I have ever worked with.” Dr. C.P., Raleigh, NC

“I have been filled with so much contentment since our reading. It was exactly the right message at exactly the best time…Frankly, I rarely meet someone with enough groundedness, experience, courage, intuition, wisdom, and heart to give me useful input… You, on the other hand, are solid in all those areas… I want others to benefit from your insight.” K. G., Durham, NC

“I believe Beth has a real gift…A session with her sheds light in a very positive way on one’s potential and their path to that potential. I really appreciate the insight, and courage the reading gave me.” D.C., Durham, NC

I am writing to let you know how much of a positive, positive, positive change there has been in my experience since the reading you gave me. There has been a complete shift in my outlook and attitude; it’s as if I am a new person (and in many ways I am a new person). I can’t say thank you enough. I knew when I contacted you that you would be able to help me and you certainly did. K.T., Apex, NC

“I just finished listening to your show with Beth Owl’s Daughter.  It was awesome! And it makes me want to go get a set of Tarot cards!” Niki, North Carolina

“I can’t express to you how much more powerful and precious you made our occasion. Your readings were amazing and so inspiring. Everyone was buzzing about what you told them and how profound it was. Thank you so much!” M.N.P., Houston, TX

“What a wonderful experience! Life seems so much brighter, future-oriented and much more hopeful. Thank you for your sensitive approach to some difficult places in my life.” B. B., Falls Church, VA

“For me to have a Tarot reading with Beth is an honor… her gift of guidance comes from a place of rare spiritual intelligence. Beth’s vision is strong, clear and compassionate. She sees with her heart.” M.J.R., New Jersey

“Words cannot begin to describe how much better I began to feel after our meeting. I felt much more at ease with myself and the problems that were plaguing me.” A.B. Raleigh, NC

“I have been to Beth when I felt that my whole world was falling apart, when I was afraid to take another step in any direction…When I leave, I am always able to take that breath, or make that step…knowing my direction and what my focus should be on.” B. R., Durham, NC