Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Tarot Without Tears™

Having studied, written about, played with, taught, and relied on the Tarot for most of my lifetime, I am always kind of shocked that it has a rep for being “way out there” or that some folks think using the Tarot requires long robes, a wand, or some generally secrety weirdness. (Not that those can’t be lots of fun!)

Tarot is a power tool that gives us instant access to vast wisdom: ideas, symbols, and inspiration that can enhance every aspect of modern life; every spiritual path; every kind of ordinary and extraordinary situation we might face. 

In my many years of helping people with the Tarot, I have seen it all and then some, and I can tell you one thing I know for sure: the Tarot offers insight and empowerment for just about anything you can think of!  It is sort of like Google for your life — and no Wi-Fi or fancy electronics required!

Okay, yes, I admit it isn’t always easy to learn, from just reading about it. As one of my Tarot colleagues, Theresa Reed says — it can seem too arcane for your membrane!

(Unfortunately, sometimes that’s what authors do, to establish cred and get published).

Sure, there are better and better intro books coming out all the time. But all you folks who have a deck (or three) lying around someplace gathering dust because you just finally had to give up – how much help are the books for getting started, really? Is this how YOU would attempt to learn to swim?

Right. I’ve heard the stories, and I feel your pain!

So here’s the thing: it’s time to cut yourself some slack.

I mean — would you try to learn to swim or drive a car all alone, just from reading books? Even if the book was propped up on the dashboard? Or waterproof?

Would boning up on the invention of the automobile or the dynamics of motion under water enable you to dive right in and swim laps or cruise to work without mishap?


Just like most skills, the Tarot is best learned by actual practice, with the help of someone who, not only knows how to swim, or drive, or read, but also how to teach those skills. 

And hey – that would be me! 

Turns out, not only have I been reading, teaching, writing about, and living the Tarot for ages and ages, but I have years of experience as a professional trainer. Which means I know how teach adults (not 2nd graders!) so it’s easy to learn new skills. (Hint: it has got to be fun!)

Actually, there is no one in central North Carolina with more experience or better qualified to teach you, and teach you right!

And the best part:

I will have you reading the Tarot with confidence and accuracy in only TWO lessons! 

This is definitely Tarot Without Tears™ – my own proven methodology that cuts out the painful parts, and gets you up and reading quick as a Texas Two-Step! 

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