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Tarot Goodies to Help You Get Up to Speed

Learn To Read the TarotBecause I am so passionate about putting the power of the Tarot into YOUR hands, I want to help you to be “reading ready” for my October 11 class.

So if you missed my September introductory overview class, well, this isn’t quite the same as the experience of practicing and exploring with an expert instructor and a group of classmates, but you can get some of the fundamentals that will prepare you to be reading by the end of our day in October.

Enclosed you will find some of the handouts from my Intro class. For instance, my list of Suggested Resources includes the two best books that I can recommend for getting started (they are starred).

And I have enclosed the Tarot-L website’s official, carefully researched FAQ, regarding the legitimate history of the Tarot. (It’s not the sensationalist woo-woo you might have heard before!)

Last but not least, there is a brief overview of the components of a Tarot deck. While it may seem very simple (and actually, yes, it is!), it is the most important foundational information you need to get started reading.

If you are comfortable with these building blocks, and have some knowledge of what the four elements correspond to (ex: Air rules thought, the mind, attitude, communication, etc.), you will understand what makes Tarot so different from oracle cards or other wisdom tools.

And, as I will show you in the October workshop, with these ABCs, you’ll be ready to actually read your own Tarot cards, without memorizing or dependence on the books! Without tears!

Click here to download my gift to you, so you can prepare for Tarot Without Tears

Thanks for your interest. See you on Saturday!