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On Eleven-Eleven-Eleven

How better to honor our war Veterans than to resolve to end the millennia of wars and violence? Here is another powerful, beautiful post from Riyana, who is at Occupy Oakland.  (Remember the Occupy movement? Despite mainstream media having mostly moved on to other things (as we knew they would!), Occupy is still growing andContinue reading Read more

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Tarot Card of the Week: May 9-15, 2011

Justice belongs to those who claim it, but let the claimant beware lest he create new injustice by his claim and thus set the bloody pendulum of revenge into its inexorable motion. ~ Frank Herbert, author of the Dune series Back again so soon? I have to admit, I am not thrilled to see theContinue reading Read more

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The Mother’s Peace Day Proclamation

Blessed Are The Mothers In 1870, author, suffragist, and pacifist Julia Ward Howe campaigned for Mother’s Peace Day, the forerunner of Mother’s Day (which was also created thanks to the vision of a mother and daughter, both named Anna Jarvis). In her Mother’s Peace Day Proclamation, Howe, the author of “Battle Hymn of the Republic”Continue reading Read more

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The End of Winter and a Tragic Anniversary

The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery – not over nature but of ourselves. — Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring Today marks the end of Winter, and seven years since the U.S. invaded Iraq for excuses based on lies and greed. Rather than pouring our economic well-being andContinue reading Read more

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In Memorium

On Sept. 11, in memory of all innocents who have died as a result of nationalist arrogance and religious intolerance.

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