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Why Poverty Consciousness Is Good

First I want to thank each of you for your wisdom and courage sharing your thoughts on this extremely loaded topic. This is NOT easy stuff to talk about. We are bombarded daily by a culture that puts competitive consuming as the highest value.  And it is a culture that, from Puritanism to some ofContinue reading Read more

Letting Go

Blessed is your gift of Beauty in all things, And the beautiful body and spirit you have given me, With which I am able to celebrate, create and participate. Blessed are your gifts of Strength and Protection That keep me from harm this day. Blessed is your gift of Courage and Daring As I standContinue reading Read more

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Blessings of A Pivotal Capricorn Full Moon

I am reprinting renowned astrologer Lynn Hayes’ post regarding today’s momentous astrological event.  I love Lynn’s evaluations, because they are geeky enough to satisfy the “real” astrologers amongst us, and yet they make sense for those of us not schooled in the esoteric arts. Best of all, though, she is always able to point toContinue reading Read more

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The Underground River of Creation Revisited

As long as I am offering some encore posts, here’s one that is more recent, from last year.  But I think that, having concluded our Artist’s Way work, yet perhaps only just now really beginning our path as creators, this might bear repeating.  Blessings!  — Beth The Celtic Spirit Daily Meditations for the Turning YearContinue reading Read more

The Children of Nut – Part Two

The Children of Nut – Part Two © Dan Furst From the Universal Festival Calendar for January, 2010. As so often happens in the world’s history and myths, the trickster who knows how to make the game playful can accomplish results that elude the mightiest warriors and the most patient negotiators. — Dan Furst We’reContinue reading Read more

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