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Wordless Wednesday

Tarot Card of the Week: February 1-7

All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone. — Blaise Pascal Now, in the week of Imbolc, a time of introspection, dedication and initiation, we receive our second ever visit from the Hermit. The Hermit is a powerful card about going within oneself, and listening deeply regarding theContinue reading Read more

Blessed Be the Light Reborn

Winter Solstice by Jody Aliesan Grief Sweat, Broken Moon Press 1990 Thinking only makes the heart sore. – I Ching when you startle awake in the dark morning heart pounding breathing fast sitting bolt upright staring into dark whirlpool black hole feeling its suction get out of bed knock at the door of your nearestContinue reading Read more

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The Heavens Within Us

Spirit of the Redwoods © Willow Arlenea Draw into thy Centre-deep…thy Heavens within…Take present care of the Heavens of our Mind…Dive into our own Celestiality, and see with what manner of spirits you are endued; for in them the Powers do entirely lie for Transformation.– Jane Leade, A Fountain of Gardens How do we findContinue reading Read more

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Welcome Back!

Song of Life © Cynthia MadridI believe in Michelangelo, Velazquez, and Rembrandt; in the might of design, the mystery of colour, the redemption of all things by Beauty everlasting, and the message of Art that has made these hands blessed:Amen. Amen. — George Bernard Shaw Welcome back! How are you? How was your week? WhatContinue reading Read more

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