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Happy Birthday, Scorpio

I’m a fountain of blood. In the shape of a girl. ~ Bjork (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Scorpio) Happy Birthday all you Scorpios!  At 2:10am, Eastern Daylight time, the Sun moved into your sign! As this rather visceral characterization from triple Scorpio, the singer Bjork, shows, Scorpios are often considered the most intense, profound,Continue reading Read more

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Blessings of the New Scorpio Moon and Total Eclipse

Today, I am grateful for the new beginnings inherent in New Moons. Especially today, since it’s doubly powerful, with this New Moon in Scorpio, plus the first Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio since 1995. So I am offering two outstanding astrological views. First, from Lance Ferguson at Skywatch Astrology: Tuesday, November 13 Bad MoonContinue reading Read more

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Happy Birthday, Scorpio

What I am is a humanist before anything — before I’m a Jew, before I’m black, before I’m a woman.  And my beliefs are for the human race — they don’t exclude anyone. ~ Whoopi Goldberg (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Saturn in Scorpio) Happy Birthday, Scorpio Scorpios are often considered the most intense, profound, powerfulContinue reading Read more

Blessings of the Super Scorpio Full Moon

Astrologer Lynn Hayes shares some insight about tonight’s “Supermoon.”  For additional details about how the Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon energies weave their magic tonight, I also recommend this article by Lynn, as well advice from the briliant Rhea Wolf. And if you would like to read Richard Noelle’s interpretation for this particular Supermoon (theContinue reading Read more

Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

Dash across a diamond sky And spend yourself on air Brilliant light You scratch the night And end your voyage there.. From Falling Star by David Gans (Sun in Scorpio) Today, the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio and so we celebrate all those lovely, deep, intense Scorpio people!  Symbolized by the scorpion, of Continue reading Read more

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