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Election Day – U.S.A.

Although it’s become a cliche hyperbole we’ve heard in past years, this election is very likely to be the most important in our, and even our children’s, lifetimes. In the name of Lady Libertas, in the name of all those who have suffered and died for our right to vote, please do not skip thisContinue reading Read more

Back Again for New Moon and Eclipse Week: Aug. 29-Sept. 4, 2016: Ace of Swords

Although I was forced by circumstances to be late posting this, its message is, I feel, profoundly important and in stunning sync with the astrology this week. Continue Reading …

3 Luminous Sparks

Mercury Stations Direct

Thank the heavens, today, our friend Mercury, planet of travel, communication, computers and technology, and some business endeavors, stations direct. Although some feel there is still a “shadow period” of a couple of weeks, things should start getting back to normal. Just in time for Autumn Equinox, also today.  

Hooray for You Brilliant, Magical Twinsies! It’s Gemini Time!

Happy Birthday to you chatty, smart, funny, whiz-kid Geminis. We all benefit from your cutting edge brilliance, vast curiosity, and networking skills. Continue Reading …

Back up! Back up! It’s Mercury Retrograde!

Back up your technology, watch your words, and be prepared for travel delays…Mercury has turned retrograde! Continue Reading …

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