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Final Exercises for Chapter Eight: Affirmations

adaptation found from original triptychShaman by Martha RuppertWhen it all seems impossible, focus on the point in front of you. Follow it like a hawk and forget everything else. — Carlos CastanedaThis week, we are finishing up Chapter Eight, Recovering a Sense of Strength. In fact, the only work left in this chapter is aContinue reading Read more

Respecting What Is

No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently. — Agnes de Mille We’ve been working with the idea that instead of the ultimately self-defeating practice of being paralyzed by the prospects of where our creative path may take us, it is extremely important at this stageContinue reading Read more

Time and Patience

Andy GoldsworthyThe two most powerful warriors are patience and time. — Leo TolstoyWhy is it so hard to take things in baby steps? Why are micromovements (which seem ridiculously obvious, once you think about them) such a revelation? I think that part of it comes from an unspoken expectation for humans to now move atContinue reading Read more

Filling In the Form

Procrastination is my sin. It brings me naught but sorrow. I know that I should stop it. In fact, I will–tomorrow! — Gloria Pitzer Today, we start the home stretch for this chapter of recovering our sense of strength. Having done a little more soul searching, it’s time to move forward. We begin what JuliaContinue reading Read more

Good Money, Bad Money

Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it. — Benjamin Franklin I don’t want to detour us for too long on the history of money (which I invite you to go back and read from my posts, starting in September of 2007). But I believe it is important for our recoveryContinue reading Read more

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