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I Hardly Ever Do This, But…

Since I’m no longer sending out my old WINGS monthly newsletter, I thought you might like to know a little about my current services and goodies. Continue Reading …

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Back from the Edge and Ready to Serve You

After a year away, it is my great honor to resume being of service with my Tarot readings this Saturday, July 15. I look forward to serving you again. Continue Reading …

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The Tarot Year of the Wheel of Fortune, Part Two: A Reading

In Tarot Year Part 2, I offer you a reading that includes the year card, the 2 other Majors that are “constellated” with it, and what may be changing. Continue Reading …

Looking Forward, Looking Back

  Now we are in the heart of Winter, but we have already passed the midpoint. In two weeks, the rites of Imbolc will be upon us, celebrating the certainty of life returning. We prepare now for initiation and dedication. Seed catalogs beckon as the promise of Springtime whispers to us, even now, in theContinue reading Read more

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Gifts That Inspire and Illuminate

If you are looking for something unique, meaningful, and useful for the special people on your holiday gift list, look no further. I am offering holiday gift certificates for my hour-long readings, and also for membership in my Birthday Club. My services make thoughtful, powerfully life-affirming gifts that will fit your recipient perfectly every time.Continue reading Read more

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