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In Peace We Dream the Coming Sun, Tonight We Light Candle One

The Wheel of time has turned again, Advent has come. We light our flame with hope and prayer, we gather now as one. It’s time for the 1st candle. Continue Reading …

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On This Day, We Invoke Mighty Hecate: See Our Need, Please Heed Our Call

We call upon Hecate today, to guard and support us in this time of deepening darkness. May She protect people, as well as our imperiled democracy. Continue Reading …

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Justice Fair, in Equal Measure: A Blessed Mabon to Us All

Blessed Equinox! May you reap sweet abundance and goodness of every kind. May you and your loved ones stay safe, protect one another, and thrive. Continue Reading …

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An Invitation to a Virtual Retreat and Rejuvenation

Join our tribe of practitioners, healers, and visionaries for a weekend of enlightenment and inspiration. This is how we navigate pivotal times. Continue Reading …

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Glory of the Day-Star Hail! A Merry Litha to One and All!

Blessed Litha! This is how we align with the ways of our ancestors, and join together to protect our descendants. On this day, we honor the Turning. Continue Reading …

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