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The Muse and the Daimon

The Muse, nae poet ever fand [found] her,Till by himself he learn’d to wanderAdown some trotting burn’s meanderAn’ no think lang [long]. — Robert Burns, “Epistle to Willam Simpson, Ochiltree” from 19 May, The Celtic Spirit, by Caitlín Matthews Thank you to our friends who are sharing their answers to yesterday’s exercise. We complete itContinue reading Read more

Blessings of May Eve!

Throughout my whole life, during every moment I have lived, the world has gradually been taking on light and fire for me, until it has come to envelop me in one mass of luminosity, glowing from within… The purple flush of matter fading imperceptibly into the gold of spirit, to be lost finally in theContinue reading Read more

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Step One: Recovering a Sense of Safety (cont.)

Reason is powerless in the expression of Love. — Rumi If I had to pick one of the most consistent themes of the human experience that I see in my Tarot practice, it would be the suffering that people undergo when, for any number of reasons, they are unable to connect to or express theirContinue reading Read more

Reclaiming the Virtue of Temperance

Temperance: Eat and carouse with Bacchus, or munch dry bread with Jesus,but don’t sit down without one of the Gods. — D.H. Lawrence Any discussion of Temperance, by me at least, would of course have to include a brief mention of the Temperance Tarot card. While the original Greek virtue was called sophrosyne, our wordContinue reading Read more

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Tarot Card of the Week – Oct. 13 – 19

The EmpressAncient Mother, I hear you calling.Ancient Mother, I hear your song.Ancient Mother, I hear your laughter.Ancient Mother, I taste your tears. — Traditional Here is a first since I began pulling the Card of the Week in 2005: The Empress. And she appears, I would dare say, precisely on time. The Empress beckons usContinue reading Read more

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