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Entering the Fifth House

Joy is our goal, our destiny. We cannot know who we are except in Joy. Not knowing Joy, we do not know ourselves. ~ Marianne Williamson At last, I am back and (more or less) rested from my trip!  However, today, I am headed right out the door again, to give readings at the DancingContinue reading Read more

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Welcoming July!

The first of July is Canada Day, so to all our friends in the vast, beautiful lands to the north, Happy Birthday, Canada! But wait! There’s more! Rabbit! Rabbit! Old English folk wisdom reports that if you say, “Rabbit! Rabbit!” or “White hares!” the very first thing on the first day of the month, youContinue reading Read more

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Extravagant Play

Very often the effort men put into activities that seem completely useless turns out to be extremely important in ways no one could foresee. Play has always been the mainspring of culture. — Italo Calvino (Journalist and writer, 1923-1985) The ego trip of pursuing ART, with a capital A is just another trap which isContinue reading Read more

Beware of Art

It is only necessary to behold the least fact or phenomenon, however familiar, from a point a hair’s breadth aside from our habitual path or routine, to be overcome, enchanted by its beauty and significance…. To perceive freshly, with fresh senses is to be inspired. — Thoreau (My thanks today to Waverly FitzGerald for thisContinue reading Read more

The Zen of Movers and Shakers

The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, and, in time, trusted. – Martha Graham From her discussion of coping with the pitfalls of success, Julia now changes direction and adds another tool which will help us recover a sense of autonomy, which is the theme of this chapter. “Exercise,” she writes, “teaches the rewards of process.”Continue reading Read more

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