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Tarot Card of the Week: January 9-15, 2012 – Seven of Pentacles

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. ~ Leo Tolstoy Making another Full Moon appearance (having just visited us during the Hunter’s Moon of October), we also welcome yet another seven this week — this time, the Seven of Pentacles. Seven is a number of magic, spirituality and initiation into a deeper levelContinue reading Read more

Tarot Card of the Week: August 30 – Sept. 5, 2010

Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities.  It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend. — Sarah Ban Breathnach author of Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy Our involvement with the practicalities of Pentacles continues this week, with a visit from the source ofContinue reading Read more

Tarot Card of the Week: August 23-29, 2010

Money is the blood of the planet. Heal the money and we can heal the world. – Barbara Wilder, Money is Love No, it isn’t déjà vu! We did indeed have a visit just the week before last from the Six of Pentacles.  So it appears that the focus once again is on resources; specifically,Continue reading Read more

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Tarot Card of the Week: August 16-22, 2010

All human wisdom is summed up in two words – wait and hope. — Alexandre Dumas Père Following last week’s visit from the Six and with unsubtle timing during this early part of the harvest season (in the Northern Hemisphere), the Seven of Pentacles appears. As most people may be aware, seven is considered aContinue reading Read more

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Tarot Card of the Week – Aug. 9-15, 2010

He who cannot give anything away cannot feel anything either. — Friedrich Nietzsche Back for another visit, the Six of Pentacles appears on this New Moon and shows us a picture of resources given and received. We could call it a portrait of charity. The Pentacles deal with the literal, physical, material world, and theContinue reading Read more

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