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Sunflower Mandala © Lloyd GrotjanPanthea(an excerpt) by Oscar Wilde We are resolved into the supreme air,We are made one with what we touch and see,With our heart’s blood each crimson sun is fair,With our young lives each spring-impassioned treeFlames into green, the wildest beasts that rangeThe moor our kinsmen are, all life is one, andContinue reading Read more

Tarot Card of the Week – July 30 – Aug. 8

The Devil The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. — Albert Einstein How fascinating that we go straight from the Lovers last week to the Devil this week! As I mentioned last week, the two cards are intimately connectedContinue reading Read more

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Bliss – no kidding!

It’s good to be just plain happy, it’s a little better to know that you’re happy; but to understand that you’re happy and to know why and how and still be happy, be happy in the being and the knowing, well that is beyond happiness, that is bliss. — Henry Miller Bliss is so manyContinue reading Read more

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Hedonism makes the world go round

The Lovers – © Sharon RussellSweet days of SummerThe jasmine’s in bloom.July is dressed up and playing her tune…Seals and Crofts – Summer Breeze What is bliss? What exactly, for that matter, is pleasure? James Olds was the chemist who first located the brain’s pleasure center, while he was experimenting with rats. He dubbed itContinue reading Read more

Love and Bliss

Let us roll all our strength, and allOur sweetness, up into one ball;And tear our pleasures with rough strifeThorough the iron gates of life.Thus, though we cannot make our sunStand still, yet we will make him run.from To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell (1681) What perfect synchronicity! Now, in the height of the fertile,Continue reading Read more

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