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Blessings of Lughnasadh

Lammas Bread Blessing Bless the earth that grows the grain, Bless the water that gives us rain, Bless the wind that helps seed spread, Bless the fire that bakes our bread. – Words by Diane Baker, music by Anne Hill, Serpentine Music The Wheel of the Year turns today, and across the Northern Hemisphere, weContinue reading Read more

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Wishing You a Blessed Equinox!

Hail! Journeyer of the Heavens, Queen of Brightness, King of Beauty! Gifts of gladness richly bringing, Autumn sheaves and red leaves’ fall. Generous be the heart within us, Open be our hands to all, Justice to be in equal measure, Harvest thankfulness our call. ~ Greeting to the Autumn Equinox Caitlín Matthews, A Celtic DevotionalContinue reading Read more

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Come Out! Come Out! Come Out of the Broom Closet!

Because I am very public about my practice of Witchcraft, people frequently ask me where they can find a coven, a grove, a circle, or other group with whom to study, worship and practice magic. It’s not always easy. In America (at least until the next election), we no longer condemn Craft practitioners to capitalContinue reading Read more

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Rejoice! Ostara Blessings!

A Seed for Spring Equinox ©Annie Finch Thrusting through the season where I’d waited for spring, tucking up my head, I felt the slanted weight of clouds pressing through the sky above me down towards this grave, till I feel the earth around the place my head has lain under winter’s touch, and it crumbles.Continue reading Read more

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Sorry, Patrick. I’m With the Snakes.

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you wherever you go. Today is Trefuilnid Treochair (Truh-FWEEL-nid Tray-oh-CARE) in the Celtic traditions. This is considered the premier national feast day of Éire (Ireland). The name of the holiday means “the triple bearer of the triple key,” and it refers to theContinue reading Read more

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