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Wordless Wednesday: Offerings to Yemaya – New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is sacred to many great Goddesses, including World Mother Yemaya. With deep respect to the African diaspora, we gave Her our offerings. Continue Reading …

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Wordless Wednesday: The Selkie Folk Say Hello

Our ancestors knew that the oceans were haunted with the magic of the Selkie folk – wild seals that would shape-shift to human. Could this be one? Continue Reading …

Wordless Wednesday: Change on the Horizon

Gaia Friday: Penélope Cruz Speaks for Water

Each Friday, I am sharing a video from the “Nature Is Speaking” series, and calling it Gaia Friday. Today, Penélope Cruz speaks on behalf of our planet’s sacred waters. To enjoy this gorgeous photography, I recommend clicking at the bottom right of the controls (once it’s playing), so you can see the video full screen.

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Gaia Friday: The Ocean Speaks

I think these beautiful (but necessarily disturbing) videos are so important that, except for next week (Samhain), I am going to be featuring one each week. So welcome to my second Gaia Friday. I hope you’ll stop by for a couple of minutes and tune in – Nature is Speaking and we need to listen. AndContinue reading Read more

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