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Why I Will Remove the Video – So Watch it While You Can

Dear folks – After today, I will reluctantly remove the Manifest Obama video, to honor the wishes of its creators. I am appalled that this might be so, for free speech is diminished by such situations. But I have to respect their wishes. Here is what they wrote, that led me to this unhappy decision.Continue reading Read more

The Ludi Romani

I see the better things, and approve; I follow the worse. — Ovid As we continue through the harvest festival season, and the time of year when the ancestors are remembered, we come on this date to the opening day of the Ludi Romani, also called the Ludi Magni which were held to honor theContinue reading Read more

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I grant forgiveness to all living beings.May all living beings grant me forgiveness.My friendship is with all living beings.My enmity is totally non-existent.Let there be peace, harmony, and prosperity for all.— from the Kalpa Sutra, holy text of JainismDepending on sect and location, the practitioners of Jainism are now ending their most important religious periodContinue reading Read more