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The Owling Time

Today’s post is for my Owl sisters and brothers, and all who wish to see more deeply into the Nature of things. Blessings of the gathering Dark. Continue Reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Magic in the Air

(Be sure to go full-screen!)

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Wordless Wednesday: Dark and Light

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Wordless Wednesday: Six Minutes to Bliss You Out

A thousand thanks to my friend Amy L. for sending this to me, so I could share it here. You will definitely want to watch in full-screen mode (click the arrows symbol to the left of “Vimeo”).

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Thank you, Lady Luna!

Come to my hut – The crickets will Serenade you, and I will Introduce you to the moonlit woods. ~ Taigu Ryokan (1758-1831) It’s Day 27 of my Thirty Days of Thanksgiving practice, and I admit I am a little groggy.  Lady Moon, who is quite nearly full, kept waking me up all night! IContinue reading Read more

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