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Freedom Fridays: Chapter 11 – Investigate

When news is an echo of an echo, from an unknown source (which may turn out to be a hostile foreign power), it is no longer news. It is propaganda. Continue Reading …

6 Luminous Sparks

Slow Down. Reflect. Review. It’s Mercury Retrograde Again.

Mercury is Retrograde

For heaven’s sake take care and take it slowly – it’s Mercury Retrograde again! It’s already started with drama and tragedy. Reflect before you react. Continue Reading …

Wordless – But Not Silent – Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Thank You, U.S. Supreme Court

Guest Blog: A Response to the Sylvia Browne Debacle

Today, I am honored to share a guest blog post from my brilliant Tarot colleague, Bri Saussy, of Milagro Roots.  For the past several days, a group of professional readers that Bri and I hang out with has been discussing the controversy around celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne’s statements regarding Cleveland kidnap victim Amanda Berry.  NoContinue reading Read more

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