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It’s Time for a Time Out of Time – Let Us Welcome the Halcyon Days

The Halcyon Days have begun. This ancient Yuletide tradition has new meaning and relevance in our troubled world. Let us honor this time out of time. Continue Reading …

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It Is Time for the Shambhala Warriors to Awaken and Act

Twelve centuries ago, this prophecy was made. This video was recorded by our great elder, Joanna Macy, over three years ago. And now, the day has come. Today. Hear, know, and recognize who you are. Then shake off the chains of despair and helplessness. You are being called to this. Be of courage, and joinContinue reading Read more

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The Beauty of the Starlit Lands for You this Magical Sunday

My beloved and talented friend, Willow (Kelly) DeFey composed this a few years ago, in honor of the Faery Queen as she is depicted in the Thomas the Rhymer story. As I begin a new chapter in my own ever-deepening work with the Shining Ones this week, it is especially inspiring, weaving a spell thatContinue reading Read more

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Happy Friday the 13th!

It is bad luck to fall out of a thirteenth story window on Friday. — Anonymous Although I am in last minute prep madness for my class tomorrow (Handouts! More handouts!), I’m pausing a moment to take note of this special day. Yes, beware, my lovelies, for today is Friday the 13th, associated throughout ChristendomContinue reading Read more

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Let the Halcyon Days Begin

Halcyon days, now wars are ending. You shall find where-e’er you sail Tritons all the while attending With a kind and gentle gale. ~ Halcyon Days by Thomas Shadwell (1642 – 1692) With the arrival of yesterday’s New Moon, and then the Winter Solstice being only a week away, we here in the Northern HemisphereContinue reading Read more

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