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Courting the Wild

Another encore post, this time, from one I wrote back in 2005. Court the Wild: Find Your Secret Spot in Nature Courting the wild–spending one to two hours each day in nature–is a suggestion from author Jim Merkel.  In his book, Radical Simplicity (New Society Publishers ©2003) he offers this important recommendation for how toContinue reading Read more

6 Luminous Sparks

Co-creation and Genius

In Spain, when a performer has done something impossible and magic — magnificent, bravo — incomprehensible, there it is – a glimpse of God – Allah! Allah! Olé! Olé! — Elizabeth Gilbert I. know that Julia’s description of the road hazard of fame doesn’t resonate with many of us. That word, I think, conjures upContinue reading Read more

Saturday Video for My Beloveds

A love note today, especially for my teachers, sisters, brothers,Dragons, and the Mysterious Ones of the Lands,from MMT and Psychic Camp. I miss you.