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With Tears and Gratitude…

Last night, Times Square was spontaneously packed with people hugging and weeping, in numbers rivaling any New Year’s celebration. Revelers danced in front of the soon-to-be vacated White House. In the Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta, Dr. King’s children cheered and I know the Ancestors laughed and wept. And at Grant Field, Chicago, they playedContinue reading Read more

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Sacred Waters

Decuman’s Well at the church in Watchet Deep well, clear water,May you hear this prayer from your sons and daughters:As you swell,Go deeper,And sweep our grief away.— Nancy Conescu Today is the feast day of the Celtic saint, Decuman. Decuman is said to have been born of noble parents from Rhoscrowther in Pembrokeshire, Wales, whereContinue reading Read more

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Blessings of the Full Moon in Cancer

Tonight, we complete our advent magical working (unless you prefer to light your Center candle on Christmas.) For those of us who prefer to work with the energy of the Moon, this night’s Full Moon in Cancer is an incredibly powerful time. Not only is Cancer ruled by the Moon, so it is in itsContinue reading Read more

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The Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Hate was just a legend,War was never known.People worked togetherAnd they lifted many stones.Then they carried them to the flatlandsBut they died along the wayThen they built up with their bare handsWhat we still can’t do today.And I know she’s living thereAnd she loves me to this dayI still can’t remember whereOr how I lostContinue reading Read more

We Nurture the Spark

Here’s a powerful prayer-spell that would work in perfect harmony with our intentions, as we light our second candle and celebrate the New Moon tomorrow, thanks to one of my favorite conjurors of illumination and magic, Rob Brezsny: TO THE TRICKY GODDESS OF BENEVOLENT MISCHIEFPRAYER OF GRATITUDE All hail the Tricky Goddess of Benevolent Mischief,Continue reading Read more

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